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The new rule is expected to be announced as early as Monday by the Department of Homeland Security, the officials said, adding that it had been under consideration since the U.S. government learned of a threat several weeks ago.

A agent spoken the rule could refuge nearly a dozen overseas airlines. A different government official verified an Associated Wring results that the ban will impact 10 airports in eight nation-states in the Heart East along with North Africa. Reuters reported in the beginning the ban may contains airlines based inside Jordan in addition to Saudi Arabia. The officials completed not mention the distinctive countries.

The officials brought up no American carriers were affected by the ban , which could order to gears more bountiful than a suite mobile phone, also none voyage right away to the airports impacted enjoys U.S. cities Passengers can troth accepted to carry superior instruments inside their scanned luggage akin to tablets , handy DVD squad, laptops and cameras .

Royal Jordanian Airlines observed in a tweet on Monday that U.S.-bound passengers might engagement barred like carrying more microelectronic gears aboard aircraft starting up Tuesday at the request of U.S. officials , including those that transit done Canada. Passengers might still keep area phones plus licensed curative gears.

Al Riyadh newspaper , which is within reach to the Saudi government , reported that the civil aviation authority well-versed informed “airlines flying fancy the kingdom’s (Saudi) airports to U.S. airports of the most up-to-date preparations bask in U.S. sanctuary agencies in which passengers must departmental store laptops also tablets” inside proved inside baggage .

Al Riyadh quoted a civil aviation authority cause because vernacular that these preparations indulge in senior U.S. authorities were relayed to the Saudi interior ministry .

Saudia Air carriers confirmed inside a tweet that U.S. transportation authorities skilled barred carrying bigger electrical tools cabin luggage .

The Sallow Domicile minified to commentary.

A spokesman given that the U.S. Strong point of Homeland Sanctuary, David Lapan, noted the bureau has “no make a remark on potential security protection, although will offer an update while sensible.

Native land Security Secretary John Kelly telephoned congressional lawmakers this weekend to illustrate to them of the financial financial statement, congressional aides observed.

Inside July 2014, the Fatherland Security Department stepped wide awake protection of U.S.-bound flights , requiring stiffer screening of mobile phone phones as well as varied electronic tools with requiring each other to troth powered wakeful earlier than passengers would board flights to the United States.