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The publisher announced on its forums that The Crew 2 is coming. Ubisoft didn’t not give out any details besides the above logo, but promised that info was coming. The first game had more than 5 million players and shipped over 2 million copies.

The Crew arrived out 2014 given that PlayStation 4, Xbox Lone, Xbox 360, plus Personal computer. It featured a great open real world, nonetheless squad criticized the game for its always-online requirement also prevalent microtransactions .

The Crew 2 has many challenging game in the open-world racing sphere, for last year’s Forza Horizon 3.became a salient along with promotion success. It freshly versed assorted fresh survival thanks to a Hot Wheels-themed expansion .

Nevertheless Ubisoft may perhaps function the entirety the batters it could acquire. The publisher is wrestling a adverse takeover requested from Vivendi, which nowadays owns more than 25 percentage of the company. If Vivendi owns plenty than 30 proportion of Ubisoft’s carry, French decree entails it to class a demand given that the publisher .