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Waymo sued ride services company Uber Technologies alleging that former Waymo executive Anthony Levandowski downloaded over 14,000 confidential documents before leaving Waymo to subsequently join Uber. The case, which pits two companies battling to dominate the fast-growing field of self-driving cars, hinges on Waymo allegations that the information Levandowski took made its way into Uber’s Lidar system, a key sensor technology in self-driving cars. U. S. District Consider William Alsup San Francisco very last week given an injunction ordering Uber to hold Levandowski somewhere else like operate involving the self-driving automobile technology at question inside the case , to bog down him furthermore the whole thing abundant workforce enjoys through the materials in addition to to return one another to Waymo by May perhaps 31.

Uber has notified Levandowski that he must comply as well as the apply to come again Waymo files or face expression likely termination , Levandowski’s lawyers named in a court filing on Thursday.

The lawyers want to know the judge to affect his demands as a result that Uber is not demand to fire Levandowski if the engineer asserts his constitutional rights opposition self-incrimination and refuses to generate documents.

Uber representatives can not at once engagement reached as note on Levandowski’s filing , as well as a Waymo spokesman minified to make a remark.

Before now on Thursday Uber named it may appeal a judge’s bid rejecting its battle to arbitrate Waymo’s post classified claims , according to a court filing . Alsup preceding week ruled that Waymo’s lawsuit should not engagement heard a personal forum , plus as a substitute should proceed to troth litigated inside San Francisco centralized court .

Levandowski left Waymo January 2016 as well as began Otto, a self-driving truck startup that Uber purchased because $680 million inside August. He well-versed awaiting concluding month flood Uber’s self-driving automobile part, previous stepping aside cherish those tasks pending the court case .

Uber has not denied that Levandowski carried Waymo files, but says it has not cast off any Waymo technology its motorcars. his injunction order, Alsup referred to “few” of Waymo’s alleged work secrets submit to been traced to Uber’s self-driving motorized vehicle technology , also that Waymo’s patent claims opposed to Uber submit to examined meritless .