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Of all the things that could possibly go wrong with your electric self-driving car, finding a kitten inside your bumper may be the cutest of them all. An unnamed Model X owner uploaded two clips to YouTube on Saturday that show a teeny kitten trapped inside the bumper of his vehicle. "So this morning, I heard a meow in my garage," the man said in the clip. "And we don't suffer a cat."

Following thinning down the meows to his automobile, at that time the rear bumper , the man decided to transport his motorized vehicle into a Tesla provision vital to get hold of a petite remedy rescuing the pussycat safely .

The technicians were able to cast off a petty panel indulge in under the rear bumper , furthermore succeeding a modest coaxing , the vastly modify orange infant kitten was safely quarantined. 

Tesla deal rescues a feline caught inside the bumper https://t .co/qZW7QjuceQhttps://t.co/3jyJseVodm

Tesla founder with CEO Elon Musk tweeted the two clips on Saturday, which is not an unnatural changed. Musk frequently tweets stories that paint the Telsa community a satisfactory light up.