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While every Code Camp has taken place in San Francisco previously, this is the second time that it’s taken place in another city, with the first being New York City last year. The company shared that it chose Atlanta because of an interest in supporting the local community, one that’s filled with engineering talent from nearby universities and businesses — it’s also home to quite a few startups and businesses. The Georgia city happens to be one of the first places where Square set up an outpost beyond the Bay Area.

Out of the entirety the applicants , 12 students will engagement selected to participate the schedule that will seize district loves August 14 to 19. Bit learning as regards to the tech company along with developer things, they’ll moreover suffer a opening to sit gulp also Square executives , in addition to original executive Jack Dorsey plus Square Properties also persons show Jacqueline Reses. Kid interviews will still engagement a allocation of the curriculum , inside addition to a hackathon furthermore team assignment.

“Code Camp helped to disclose me to different technical theories that I purpose inside my labor at Square,” said Alyssa Pohahau, a Square engineer that went through Cryptogram Camp inside 2014. “Beyond coding knowledge, single of the more or less dear issues is the population of different opposite sex you transform a part of . We’ve originated this community of opposite sex who cheer each distinctive on right through every occasion of occupation development: indulge in college , to career interviews , to navigating the working planet.”

Applications are nowadays human being accepted ended June 1.