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Google honored a deserving figure in American history on Saturday: Susan La Flesche Picotte, the first Native American to earn a medical degree.  Picotte was illustrated as the Google homepage's Google Doodle on Saturday in honor of what would have been her 152nd birthday.  Picotte was a doctor and an activist. The Omaha Native American medical examiner advocated for the reason that abode, and cash since the purchase of land to engagement expended to members of the Omaha tribe . For a reformer for the reason that communal wholeness, she was a principal in the temperance movement also fought tuberculosis on the reservation where she worked for a medical expert. 

She additionally advocated given that the expulsion of civic drinking plates in addition to the installation of display screen doors to carry out disease-carrying insects , Google stated in their description . 

The Google Doodle features the Woman's Therapeutic College of Pennsylvania, where Picotte earned her medical degree , along with the sickbay she established on her native land reservation in 1913. 

Smiling bicentennial, Dr. Sue!

Today Google is acknowledging the 1st Native American physician, Susan La Flesche Picotte. She's Omaha. pic .twitter.com/8JVr8RwwsA