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Scott Huffman, vice president of Google Assistant engineering, made the announcement onstage. He also revealed that Google Assistant is already available on over 100 million Android devices. That’s Google’s way of hinting to developers that they should start building for the tool.

Huffman further excess that Google Associate is becoming accessible inside supplementary languages on both Android along with iOS (it’s moreover English-only today) . Analysis since French, German, Brazilian-Portuguese, in addition to Japanese is coming afterward this summer jiffy Italian, Spanish, with Korean will be reachable by the full of the per annum.

Above: Scott Huffman, vice president of engineering because Google Assistant, describes how the provision may well troth second hand on transportable phones at Google I/O on May possibly 17, 2017.

Google’s Associate is before now grounded into the Google Pixel, Google Home, Google Allo, Android Wear, plus recent Android phones . Abundant those , Google Coworker for the reason that iPhone won’t transfer on Apple’s itinerant devices by default , in addition to naturally won’t engagement because tightly integrated into the OS.

Except it is addressable by exhaust furthermore does job and other Google apps on Apple’s stand. Apple has API restrictions on iOS , so Google Partner can’t group alarms reminiscent of Siri may possibly. It could, nonetheless, send iMessages as you or start off inspecting music in third-party apps similar to Spotify. You yet won’t be able to purpose the Conjugal button to spark off Google Coworker, thence you’ll desire to reason the app portrait or a widget .

Google originally introduced its Associate end each year at I/O, therefore it gives the impression just convenient to experience the iPhone begin at the equivalent venue . Most recent month , the bureau in the end let loose the Google Associate SDK, which you may well look forward to we’ll be all ears to a group extra with reference to at this week’s incident.