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I think it should. In 2015, when Apple first unveiled the Pencil, people wondered why the stylus wouldn’t work with non-Pro iPads, let alone iPhones. Then, in 2016, when Apple announced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, people wondered why Apple didn’t make the phone capable of supporting the Pencil.

At present Apple is noted to troth preparing its third iPad Pro. It’s reasonable to anticipate Pencil treatment on the fresh 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Nevertheless will Apple style an oh-by-the-way thought about inflated treatment for Pencil subsequent to informative the new slab ? Unlikely.

If anything, Apple may perhaps finally move the Pencil outside iPad Pro home September at its after iPhone experience. Will it ? I guess therefore. There will possible engagement brand new OLED displays on Apple’s 10th-anniversary iPhone . At the unchanged season because it refreshes the displays , Apple could additionally infuse technology that can cope with the Apple Pencil’s sensors as detecting strain, angle, also address.

Apple’s nearby competitor inside the smartphone market is Samsung, whose Galaxy Make an observation phones tolerate as years shipped with a stylus as well as a nifty , narrow on-board pocket to adapt it . Before now this year, Samsung introduced convertible Android-friendly Chromebooks with that quality, exaggeratedly.

Must Apple trail Samsung in bringing stylus smarts to its flagship mobile phone? No. Should it ?

At any rate, glance at iPad sales . In the vacation quarter , the certain front-page quarter in Cupertino, iPad revenue was down 22 percentage each year far more than per annum, and iPad casing sales were drink 19 proportion. Wages boost since the iPad has been erased — the one and only biggest quarter for the reason that the iPad , revenue-wise , was back 2013. The iPhone , in the mean time, is back to sudden increase, along furthermore record earnings furthermore unit sales .

Inside 2012, Apple completed ship its Siri virtual assistant to the iPad — the company’s most up-to-date gadget at the spell — beyond debuting it on the iPhone 2011.

At this time, beyond Apple has granted the iPad Pro more than a year of Pencil exclusivity , it may perhaps troth prudent for Apple to start off letting buyers make a decision if they’d cherish to get hold of a Pencil since their iPhones — while the Pencil is furthermore motivating.