Gerald here,

You might think I am going nutty because I sent this email out to you

Let me explain, a marketing mate of mine Andy Brocklehurst skyped me
with this message.

“Gerald – what’s with the subject line of your mailing today? “beware
– this could be total crap” and then it just mentions products of yours
and Barrys with no reference back to the subject.
Are you saying your bundles are crap? ”

When I originally wrote the email I some how got distracted and
I missed out some lines, silly me!

What I meant to have said was that NOT all MRR is a total load of crap
these ones I hand picked just for you cos they aint!

A couple of days ago I put 4 MRR bundles I named the 100 series
on the Warrior Plus platform, these are primarily for my customers
and subscribers and I have priced them accordingly.
I did put them on a dime sale so they will
slowly increase in price.


Finally before I depart I must let you know top marketer
Barry Rodgers has recently released a very useful freebie
you need to visit his page to see the awesome value he is giving
here and it’s free wow!

As he quotes on his page “This Windows Software Membership Dashboard
is an ideal way to put information into people’s hands. Give this
rebranded product away to build your list and make affiliate sales
for a monthly recurring product….

I suggest you pop along and grab this freebie, don’t delay!

So back to work for me, it’s a busy life and I love it.

I hope you find it useful.

Have a great week.

Speak soon.


The Lead Magnet Man

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