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Uber is in a reputation crisis thanks to its toxic workplace culture for women and the #DeleteUber campaign that's been running for months. The company has outwardly been working hard to get over all that, but a recent employee outing has us scratching our heads.  Twenty or so Uber employees (mostly men) were treated to a graffiti workshop in San Francisco where they helped  create a custom mural with the word "#Undelete" on a wall.  

Yes, "#Undelete."

The artwork was originated with 1AM, a side road knack range representing autonomy of word ready exhibitions , public knack, in addition to events. 

Enjoys spell to phase it operates workshops in addition to tech companies, something "great as big styles that want to know-how the procedure of initiating a full-size mural joined along also finding out the precedent days of graffiti along with side road ability," according to 1AM's online page. 

Photographs of the workroom were posted on Apr. 10. It's expenditure noting the mural itself seems to not experience been painted by Uber workforce, on the other hand by an real graffiti artiste, according a growth movie on Instagram. Except variant photos inform Uber recruits helping to prep for the mural as well as soliciting front of it .

If solitary Uber's HR work out may well instruct that "#Undelete" absolutely misses the direct, also that , actually the expression should engagement "reinstall" — if Uber also sought to go away drink that track, which it shouldn't (just several absolved advice) .

It's ambiguous who suggested #Undelete also whether it's an real campaign, then again we've reached out to Uber given that comment.