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Toyota is getting in on the flying car craze—but with an Olympic twist. The Japanese automaker backed a project called Cartivator, which wants to build a tiny flying car to light the Olympic flame for the 2020 Summer Games. Cartivator is made up of over 30 volunteers, all donating their time to build the Skydrive car, which they hope to prep for a manned flight by the end of 2018.

Toyota's pecuniary contribution to Cartivator is comparatively little if you're Toyota: around 40 million yen (a tad way over $350,000). Although for the reason that Cartivator, which has relied on donations as well as browse cyberspace crowdfunding , it's a sturdy be of assistance to towards financing the prototype which they're claiming will be the smallest flying motor vehicle improved additionally.

At 9.5 feet long along with a slight excess of 4 feet wide , the Skydrive, according to the BBC, would troth able to reach hurries almost about 100km in keeping with hour (62 mph) in addition to, per the higher than movie, could seem to take wing corresponding to a quad-copter moan. 

The assortment has been heavy elsewhere at the chore as quite a lot of life along with nowadays there's a lofty goal: to soar the prototype at the prospect ceremonies of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo as well as illuminate the Olympic flame . 

How they finances to do that , precisely, hasn't genuinely been sorted out as well. Nor is there much supplementary on hand evidence almost how Toyota's donation might get hold of one another closer to this accomplishment also topping that grand arrow-lit flame at the 1992 event.