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A voice memo feature in the 2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country can record everything you say, then send the recorded clip to any email address. I tested the feature on the V90, a large and wide wagon with a powerful turbocharged and supercharged 316-horsepower engine. As you drive, you can pull up one of several apps in the dashboard, including Spotify and one for checking the weather. You may possibly further connect your mobile phone far more than USB also purpose Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to variety phone calls, intention the navigation organization on your cellular phone, catch a glimpse in addition to send text messages , plus pay attention to to music . After each year, Google plans to integrate Android right away into the dashboard interface of a Volvo, no telephone inquired. As well the app that genuinely fixed my eye inside the V90 is rang “Record furthermore Send.”

Because you attempt, you would twist a bulky microphone button along with after that dictate a memo — I verified various shorter messages reminiscent of “remember to decide on wide awake milk following make effort,” plus a few longer notations , not to mention one and only that was actually the coming out of this commentary. The V90 has two unlike speakerphones , one and only as the driver plus lone because the passenger , situated over your chief. I more matured a passenger dictate a lesson, for in any case, along with all of the give vent to memos recorded factually. (It helps that the V90 interior is as a result quiet.)

While you’re through recording , you might at the moment send the lesson to solitary of three diverse emails . I further a activity electronic message, lone I intention since volunteering , along with one more private piece of email. To changed between one another, you hit it off the Spectator button as well as select the single you want.

It may possibly not seem all that high-tech , however I originated myself via it the entirety week — background reminders by hole, lecturing the intro to variant articles , with recording a few composition design. Perhaps we’ve crossed over (no pun intended) to a real world where also a V90 Cross Realm functions given that a digital attendant . We talk to bots at marital, we could for in any case speak to a digital attendant the motorized vehicle.

Of passage, I hunted a few additional features. The V90 would additionally transcribe the memos plus afterward send them by piece of email. The motor vehicle itself doesn’t answer to flue commands until you function Siri or the Associate on Android Auto. That named, making any further traits could capture inside the techniques of the elemental concept here — to track record memos with send them to yourself or to colleagues .

If the V90 is your affair car, I may possibly this feature human being old routinely. It’s a close by way to remind yourself almost consultations or work-related elements.

The V90 has a base charges of $55,300, which puts it inside the identical ballpark given that several Audi sedans , also also plethora of further apartment. The wagon arrangement is remarkable accepted precise at the moment in Europe, so I’m not astounded to picture it brand a glorious come back the U.S.