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Smirnoff just served America a massive glass of IDGAF on the rocks. The vodka company's icy-cold new ad campaign goes right after President Trump. Because we've now reached a point where even liquor companies can't resist taking part in (or capitalizing on) the political resistance, Smirnoff decided to promote its America-made vodka while simultaneously trolling President Trump's ties to Russia, using his very own words against him.

Following former FBI Director James Comey testified previous the Senate Mind Committee just about his interactions as well as the president , Trump claimed several of Comey's accusations (made below oath , by the way) were fully counterfeit.

Trump at that time went so far as to proclaim he'd engagement 100 percent ready to allotment his documentation of no matter what occurred less than oath—which is where Smirnoff knowledgeable its positive advertising clear stage.

A giant publicity found out at a train station says Smirnoff vodka is , "Made in America." The bureau afterward act on to analyze, "But we’d be smiling to chat regarding our ties to Russia below oath ."

Smirnoff's fresh crusade pic .twitter.com/IPEwbLJFlq

Smirnoff was planted inside 1864 by Piotr Arseneevich Smirnov, a famous Russian vodka maker in Moscow, other than is nowadays owned by Diageo, a British spirits firm.

Furthermore even though Trump announced on Twitter that he felt "vindicated" succeeding Comey's proof, the president—of everything people—should appreciate by now: A one and only tweet won't bring to a close the trolling , let by myself by plucky ad creatives searching to brand a different dent their broadcast, since variant enterprises take care of to dropped flat on their faces attempting to get a platform. Open memo to commercial America along with its selling shills: If you crave the likes of us to bestow you that charming, angelic whole in addition to unpaid squeeze placement for your promotion (ergo, your product) ? Several corresponding to this .