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President Trump took questions from the media Thursday at a joint press conference with Colombia's president after a whirlwind week filled with scoops and explosive news items galore. As usual, it resulted in all kinds of weirdness. To start, a reporter took advantage of the rare occasion to ask what everyone wants to know, even if it had nothing to do with the Colombian president's visit and purpose of the media briefing: Did Trump ask former FBI director James Comey to back down on his investigation of Michael Flynn? But before the reporter, ABC News' chief political correspondent Scott Thuman, could even finish his sentence, Trump cut him off. "No. No. Afterwards query," he stated.

Some worthwhile moment: Trump without difficulty denied on camera that he urged Comey to close/back off Flynn evaluation

Trump's statement vs . Comey's memos pic .twitter.com/EEsGwuUEYI

That sounded to some corresponding to a denial of a Innovative York Times explanations that remarked Comey took written log of a conversation as well as the president which he demanded him to back off . 

"No. No. Next" promptly initiating trending on Twitter.

Trump on whether he incited Comey to procurable Russia query "No - after inquiry."

MORE: 'No, no , afterwards question' - #Trump confutes obstructing justice by posing #Comey to total #FlynnProbe https://t .co/8iEeje6ISL pic .twitter.com/b8rWpsbiCv

Except Trump's "no" is , of access, up because interpretation . Trump might experience been retorting directly to the reporter's interrogative, vernacular something to the end result of , "No, I didn't notify Comey to back off Flynn." Or the "no" would taste been a rapid interjection to hack off the reporter with permit him acquaint with that that query wasn't surging to take wing.

Either manners, masses were creating bliss poking at Trump's prompt explosion.

"No. No. Afterwards interrogative." pic .twitter.com/73UHVgd2xR

Her: my colleague says she more matured you at the inn preceding hour of darkness as well as you were ...

Me: No. No. Next question

"No. No. Next"#DontheCon pic .twitter.com/L4eBdV7ZXc

That wasn't the main memeable epoch. Spilt second speaking around medicine trafficking as well as production , Trump cited the two realms considered necessary to defy the hazardous cultivation of "cocoa." 

It gave the impression to engagement a mispronunciation of the coca deposit, which is where cocaine comes enjoys. It pulls off not , inside essential, come savours the cocoa bean . That’s where delicious chocolate comes enjoys — comparable to the class the "most beautiful" cake Trump was depleting minute describing President Xi Jinping how he bombed many country or varied.

Looking at Trump's press conference along furthermore Santos is outrageous - Colombia isn't a share of Mexico in addition to it is coca not "coco". Erghhh!

Columbia cultivates Cocoa? #Trump

Trump keeps chatting as regards to "coco" cultivation Colombia. Cocaine is plotted out of "coca," not "coco."

Trump’s inside warmth and the cocoa .

All inside a day's deform conference . Here's the jam-packed video, if you're into that category of fad.