Richard Hammond has shared an online post confirming the recent rumours that he’d been involved in a crash while filming for an episode of The Grand Tour.

Hammond posted on DriveTribe, the online motoring community he launched with his co-stars last year, to reassure people that he’s OK.

“I’ve checked and i’m not dead” https://t. co/5qejFDuPCP using @drivetribes

“It’s precise, I ended skidded off a motorbike while filming recently since The Splendid Sail in Mozambique. I banged my head, yes , along in addition to appealing much the whole thing as well apart relishes my disappeared thumb , which remains un-bruised . Can’t inform you further also near to the how plus why of it; that’s the whole thing given that in a while in the year on the indicate. For since injuries; nonetheless place it this way, I don’t suppose I can acquire a work out of it .”

Hammond was mercilessly bruised in a motor vehicle disaster back inside 2006 minute filming or an age of Summit Kits.

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