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The MacBook Air merely won’t die. While Apple introduced a thinner , more well-off MacBook Pro most recent year, kinsmen likewise desire a latest MacBook Air. The MacBook Pro is not quite for powerful given that the 13-inch MacBook Air, nevertheless it’s in addition additional high. That’s why buyers likewise warmth the MacBook Air.

As an alternative of killing the MacBook Air absolutely, Apple is keeping it close to because it still advertises very well. Even superior, the laptop is receiving a more adept CPU. There’s a lone line almost the MacBook Air inside Apple’s twist release: “Apple this day as well updated the 13-inch MacBook Air along furthermore a 1.8 GHz processor .”

Aaaaand… that’s it . Don’t look forward to a retina flaunt, don’t suppose supplementary storage or RAM. The MacBook Air is markedly on subsistence treatment. It doesn’t still search out Intel’s Kaby Lake processors .

If that’s not plenty because you , Apple cut up the price on the entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro without the Converge Hostelry. It at the moment expenses $1,299 as a substitute of $1,499, creating it a slight bit more alluring to miss the MacBook Air fully.