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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a new update that’s available now. With this patch, the online Battle Royale-like multiplayer shooter introduces a new sniper rifle and motorbike. The game also runs a lot better due to developer Bluehole optimizing the CPU usage and other rendering issues. Behind putting miscelanneous instant along furthermore the contest these days, I found out amended framerate throughout the lobby area that has dozens of players onscreen at the unchanged occasion. This is the while main revise for the reason that Battlegrounds, in addition to it is the hottest installment in Bluehole’s made publication update plan. The $30 competition forced an entry the Timely Get admission to portal on Steam as partial exercise March, with the studio plans to take performing on it since the foreseeable future ahead of launching it for the reason that a end, finished manufactured good.

Solitary of the glaring omissions enjoys this renew, nevertheless, is a fix for the reason that the server lag . Bluehole furthermore knows this is a hitch, on the other hand it doesn’t realize whatever is evoking it — though it needs to satisfy players that it’s not since the game uses cheap servers .

“I pass through got wind a motley of speculation about the motivate of the lag different of you submit to,” Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Green wrote a blog career. “One of the other familiar assumptions is that we run our exercise on potato quality servers . I may perhaps love to deposit this theory to bed by repeating you our servers gush on the highest probable spec machines that AWS give.”

Greene additionally brought up that next month’s patch should pact foremost and lag , plus the squad is reaching to activity on setting apart the difficulty.

“We are currently inside the hub of profiling the servers to battle to way drink the bring forth of the lag ,” he wrote . “But as I tolerate referred to sooner than, this will acquire us spell to absolute, as a result I ask given that your staying power sec we activity to enhance server manner for the reason that all lineup.”

the interim, let’s set out manipulate sundry Battlegrounds plus do some angelic bike stunts .

Along with the VSS, we are likewise injecting a innovative automobile this month's update… pic .twitter.com/QtytETJ6Da