Gerald here,

It was 1994.

Michael Cheney had just built his
first website and he told his family
about this “internet thing” and
how it was going to change the
way people communicate, shop and
live their lives.

They thought he was mad.

They thought the internet was
a cool place to get news but
was so slow, it was much faster
to just read the daily newspaper.

Ah yes – good old dial up.

Fast forward to today and most
people don’t even read newspapers
anymore because everything is
available immediately at their
fingertips on their smartphones
and computers.

Everyone has an email address,
everyone has their own personal
computer with them at all times
in mobile phones and online
shopping is huge.

So as you can see, Cheney’s
predictions back in 1994
were spot on.

As it happens;

He has a knack for spotting
big opportunities.

Take Periscope for example.

This is going to be huge for
marketers in the very near future.



* They have big backing
from Twitter.

* They have 10 million users.

* They are experiencing
exponential growth.

Also, using Periscope is easy,
fast, interactive and a free
way to get masses of new leads
at the touch of a button.

With all this, Periscope
has everything it takes
to be a money magnet for
internet marketers.

So get in on the ground
floor of this huge income
opportunity before the
rest of the marketers
in the world find out

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I hope you find it useful.

Have a great week.

Speak soon.


The Lead Magnet Man

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