In a seemingly startlingscientific discovery, the mummified feet of a Mongolian woman – at least 1,500 years old – has been found“wearing Adidas trainers”.

Does this mean that time travel is real?! Will we all be zipping between eras soon enough?! Is this Adidas-loving lady a real-life Doctor Who?!


In all honesty, we think probably not, but the conspiracy theorists of the internet are up in arms. Various comments madeon Live Leak, where the pictures were first published, have pointed out the shoes (which admittedly, do bear some resemblance to Adidas), and it’s quickly becoming the biggest time travel sensation since that “mobile phone” was found during an Austrian archaeological dig:

Even though it’s probably not evidence of time travel, the discovery of this mummy is a pretty big deal.Buried witha saddle, a bridle, a clay vase, a wooden bowl, a trough, an iron kettle, and an entire horse, this woman is giving experts a unique insight into ancient life (and death) in Mongolia.

Onetold The Siberian Times:

“This is a very rare phenomenon. These finds show us the beliefs and rituals of Turkiks.”

So there you have it. Probably not time travel, but still pretty interesting…

Image Credits: Live Leak

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