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Academy to sue marketing firm over ‘Oscars goody bags’

Distinctive Assets alleged to have taken no steps to prevent false implications that much-publicised gift bags are officially affiliated to Academy

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is taking legal action over the way a set of unofficial Oscars gift bags have been marketed.

The Academy claims that the marketing firm Distinctive Assetshas misrepresented their own goodie bags to make them seem officially affiliated with the awards ceremony, which takes place later this month, when in fact they are entirely unrelated.

On Tuesday, the Academy filed a lawsuit against the marketing company, which specialises in product promotion through celebrity placement. The film organisation claims that Distinctive Assets has intentionally misled media outlets and the public as to their relation to the Oscars. Slogans such as Everyone Wins at the Oscars! Nominee Gift Bags are being used as evidence of copyright infringement.

The Academys lawsuit says: Deeply concerned about the confusion Distinctive Assets was spreading, the Academys legal counsel wrote Distinctive Assets on or about February 17, 2015, to inform it that it is critical that no one be confused into believing that your gift bags are associated with or have any connection with the Academy.

The $200,000 (140,000) bags, which are set to be given to all acting and directing nominees, have drawn media attention because of some of their tawdrier components, including a vampire breast lift and a $250 sex toy.

The media coverage reveals that Distinctive Assets appears to be taking no steps to stop wrongfully implying a relationship with the Academy, the suit went onto read.

Distinctive Assets are yet to respond.

Read more: http://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/feb/17/over-oscars-goody-bag-academy-lawsuit-marketing

20 Rare Photos That Show A Different Side Of History

I’m not exactly what you would call a history buff, but I’ve always enjoyed learning about the past. After all, I’m a sucker for a good story, and history is the ultimate tale. There’s love, war, the collapse and rise of nations, and the best part? It’s all true – from one person’s perspective anyway. 

You see, history is defined by those who tell it. Writers, publishers, researchers, and editors who record the past approach their job with a variety of experiences, beliefs, and agendas. Like with any true story, there are many versions of “what really happened,” but we may only learn about one of them. 

That’s why we were so excited to bring you this next group of photos. Although they come from different time periods, they each have something in common – a perspective of history that very few people have ever seen. Whether it’s a shot of Alfred Hitchcock hard at work in Hollywood or President John F. Kennedy campaigning in rural West Virginia, they have a lot to say about who we are and where we came from. Take a look. 

1. The wreckage of a plane crash in Park Slope, Brooklyn in December 1960. The infamous accident occurred when a passenger plane, headed to LaGuardia airport, collided with another making its way to Idlewind. The sole survivor of the incident was an 11-year-old boy named Stephen Lambert Baltz, but he died of medical complications several days later. 

Paul Bernius

2. The cast of Star Trek stands with NASA officials as they introduce the Space Shuttle Enterprise in 1976. The shuttle’s show-inspired name came about after fans started a letter writing campaign to President Gerald Ford. 


3. A woman works at BASF, a chemical manufacturing company, in 1917. The obvious safety violations in just this single photo shows just how far we have come.

History of BASF

4. Here’s another female worker, at the Lenin Ironworks Foundry in Nowa Huta, Poland, 1953. I wish I could reach out and give her a hard hat! 

Historical Times

5. January 16, 1920, the day before Prohibition went into effect in Chicago, Illinois, crowds swarmed liquor stores, desperate to get their hands on a few last bottles. Almost everyone wore a hat, and no one was amused – especially the gentlemen on the far left. 

Chicago Tribune

6. A behind-the-scenes look at the very first on-screen Batman and Robin, Lewis G. Wilson and Douglas Croft. The duo starred in 123 episodes of ABC’s live-action TV series Batman from 1966 to 1968. 

Columbia Pictures

7. While this photo of legendary director Alfred Hitchcock on the set of The Birds in 1963 is certainly staged, that fact doesn’t make it any less interesting. Though it was originally taken in black-and-white, fans have recently colorized it.

Hitchcock Gallery


8. A sad beagle undergoes tobacco testing at R&D in 1963. This picture absolutely breaks out hearts, but it’s an important reminder to always say no to products that have been tested on animals. 


9. Another photo that has been recently colorized is this South Swedish Sami standing outside his turf hut, a structure known to protect inhabitants from harsh climates. It is thought to have been taken sometime between 1885 and 1892. 


10.  The King in his underwear in 1958! Although it makes us laugh, the story behind the picture is quite serious – Elvis Presley had joined the Army, and was undergoing vetting with his fellow soldiers. 

Getty Images

11. Standing tall and proud are two members of “Night Witches,” the U.S.S.R.’s most decorated female bomber unit in World War II. By the end of the war, each pilot in the regiment had gone on at least 800 missions. 


12. Forget the movie with Nicole Kidman – here is the real Parisian nightclub, Moulin Rouge, in 1923. Somehow I always thought it would be a lot bigger. 


13. Men dressed as women and crawfish at the 1913 No-tsu-oh Festival in Houston, Texas. The festival, which was modeled after New Orleans’ Mardi Gras, was suspended at the start of World War I and never revived after. 


14. Lee Harvey Oswald, who would later assassinate President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, as a young Marine in the late 1950s. 



15. And speaking of JFK, here he is delivering a speech on a kitchen stool in Logan Country, West Virginia. There is so much to see in this one single image – people of all ages and races coming together; a politician so down-to-earth that he could speak comfortably from a less-than-sturdy stool; the little boy with a gun, hinting of the forthcoming tragedy that no one saw coming. When it was taken, it was just a moment, but from our place in history now, there is a lot to contemplate. 

Getty Images

16. A young Berber woman in Tunisia in the early 1900s. The Berber people, though small in number, still live in North Africa to this day. 

Lehnert & Landrock

17. French and British soldiers return to camp with a wayward pig in 1918. The former rivals had banded together to fight the Germans, and it seems that both liked pigs. 

John Warwick Brooke

18. Film producer Mike Todd Jr and inventor Hans Laube sit with the “Smell-O-Vision” in 1960. The device would only be used once, for Todd’s own film Scent of Mystery, during which the system injected 30 different odors into the theater. Needless to say, it didn’t catch on.

Getty Images

19.  In 1913, 50 years after the Battle of Gettysburg, veterans gathered to shake hands. To see this act of contrition from the Union veterans (left) and the Confederate (right) must have been quite a moving experience. 

Tavern Keepers

20. A Japanese woman washes and combs her hair, sometime between 1863 and 1877. Although the colors are a re-imagining, the view gives us an intimate look into her daily life. 

Galerie Verdeau

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H/T: LifeBuzz


Read more: http://www.wimp.com/20-rare-photos-that-show-a-different-side-of-history/

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10 Things God Wants You To Remember When Life Gets Rough

1. He is listening. He is listening to your prayers, your fears, your pain and your silence. He is listening to what you are asking for and in time he will either give you what you were asking for or something much better.

2. He is making you stronger. With every unanswered prayer, with every disappointment, with every hurdle, with every loss, he is making you stronger. He is giving you the strength you need so you can be strong for others. So you can be a strong mother, a strong father, a strong wife, a strong husband, a strong daughter, a strong son, and a strong friend.

3. He has a better plan for you. He knows whats better for you, he knows what you not what you . He is planning the perfect timing for your life. The timing of your love, the timing of your career, and the timing of your miracle.

4. He will answer your questions. He will show you why you didnt get that job, or why it didnt work out with that person. He will show you why you lost a loved one, why he broke your heart or why he tested you so much. He will make things clear to you and you will thank him for it.

5. He will heal you. He will heal your broken heart, he will ease your restless mind, and he will solve the mystery of your puzzled thoughts. He wants you to be patient but he will always you.

6. He wants you to trust him. He wants you to have faith in him, he wants you to leave the big things the uncontrollable things up to him, he wants you to believe in him, he wants you to go back to him when you think you have no one and he wants you to trust that he will provide for you when you lose everything. He will always rescue you before you drown.

7. He wants you to know youre never alone. He is always there with you; when youre scared or confused, he is there with you. When youre afraid of the dark, he is there with you. When you are crying late at night and you think no one can hear you, he can hear you. When youve given up on your life and on love and think you have no one, you have him. No matter where you are, he is always with you and he wants you to trust that he is

8. He wants you to grow. He wants to you to change, he wants you to learn things the hard way, he wants you to evolve, he wants you step outside of your comfort zone, he wants you to lose your way so you can find him and find . He wants you to be wise and strong and he wants you to prosper.

9. He wants you to know he loves you. He loves you more than you know, he may be hard on you sometimes but he loves you, he may not give you everything you asked for but he loves you. No matter how many mistakes you’ve made or how many times you got angry with him, he still loves you, he forgives you and he is turning your life around. He doesnt love you for your money or your looks or your status, he loves you for you.

10. He wants you to believe in miracles. He is bringing you small miracles so you can believe in the big miracles. In every dream of yours that come true, in every pleasant surprise you get, in every enlightening situation you encounter, in every person who moved you, in every person you loved he’s making miracles happen. Hes a God of magic, wonder and hope and he wants you to believe that.

Read more: http://thoughtcatalog.com/rania-naim/2016/04/10-things-god-wants-you-to-remember-when-life-gets-rough/

8 Massive Disasters In Marketing No One Noticed

People are too easily offended these days, or so we’re told. So in this atmosphere of political correctness, you’d think brands would be obsessive about not, say, including accidental references to Nazis or child rape in their festive product labels. You’d be wrong.

#8. Bud Light Attempts To Remove “No” From Your Vocabulary, If You Catch Our Drift

Bottling the diluted menstrual pee of humiliated Clydesdales and turning it into America’s best-selling beer is no paltry accomplishment, but that doesn’t mean Bud Light can rest on its laurels as it sits the Shitty Lager Throne. That’s why Anheuser-Busch dreamed up their #UpForWhatever campaign: In a bid to stay relevant with their “slip some creepy old dude a 10-spot to grab you a sixer at the 7-Eleven” demographic, they wrapped their Bud Light bottles in slogans worthy of being tagged all over the Twitter hashes, or whatever the hell it is kids do nowadays.

It went swimmingly for nearly two years, right up until some marketing prodigy dreamed up this little doozy:

#UpForWhatever #AndByWhateverWeMeanRoofies

“The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night.” Yeah. What the creative minds at Anheuser-Busch swore was a harmless reference to the fact that their product could lighten inhibitions and result in maybe, we don’t know, some harmless BASE jumping or something (DISCLAIMER: DO NOT BASE JUMP WHILE DRUNK), came off to the entirety of the brain-having world as a fervent endorsement of alcohol-assisted rape.

Twitter immediately lit up with a more appropriate hashtag — #NoMeansNo — Anheuser-Busch issued an official apology, and the production lines cranking out the offending labels went down quicker than a Bud Light fan after trying his first big boy beer.

And speaking of creepily sexual marketing choices …

#7. Woolworths Names Their Line Of Girls’ Beds After A Novel About Sex With An Underage Girl

You probably know Woolworths as the store that banished George Clooney in O Brother, Where Art Thou? (though from all of them or just the one is still unclear). You probably know Lolita as the controversial novel about the entirely too whimsically named Humbert Humbert having boatloads of sex with his 12-year-old stepdaughter.

Put the two together, and you end up with the particleboard pile of awkwardness that is the Lolita Midsleeper Combi:

There is no conceivable caption here that doesn’t result in us going straight to hell.

Once you’ve had a chance to get over the initial shock (that Woolworths still exists), we should give the chain credit where credit is due: As soon as a parenting website raised a kerfuffle about the exceptionally repulsive taste of the product’s branding, Woolworths removed it from their shelves and promised to find out what in the exact fuck the supplier had been smoking while naming it.

And now that we’ve given them some credit, let’s yank it straight out from under them: In their official response, Woolworths claimed that absolutely no one at the company was aware of the statutory-rapey connotation of “Lolita,” and in fact none of them had ever heard of the book (or either of the two movies based on it). Somebody slept through English class.

You’d think you’d remember a school book cover that is practically child porn.

Hey, speaking of English class …

#6. Anti-Drug Campaign Pencils Promote A Very Pro-Drug Message (With Use)

Assuming you went to public school at any point since Ronald and Nancy Reagan combined into an illicit-substance-slaying Voltron in the 1980s, you probably remember having the “say no to drugs” message clobbered into your delicate cranium. Possibly the only good thing about such demonstrations was the free anti-drug paraphernalia used to peddle the message, and for one fourth-grade class in Ticonderoga, New York, it was no different. They got free pencils!

You’ve probably seen them pop up in your Facebook feed and assumed they were Photoshopped:

With every crank, the kid became more addicted to the devil weed.

Somehow, not a single adult at the Bureau for At-Risk Youth realized that their anti-drug pencils became far less anti as they were sharpened — it took a 10-year-old student to point that out. The organization immediately reprinted the pencils in the opposite direction, thereby driving countless fourth-graders incurably mad when their secondhand pencils read “Too Cool To.” Too cool to what? TOO COOL TO WHAT?!

#5. Nike “Gold Digging” Shirt Honors Female Olympians (By Implying They Have Sex For Money)

At the 2012 Olympics in London, the U.S. women were picking up so much gold that it looked as if they’d need to charter a friggin’ cruise liner to lug it all home. This was the perfect opportunity for Nike, practically the face of athletic success, to capitalize on the situation by selling a T-shirt for women to wear as they celebrated said athletic success while wrapped in the lazy arms of their La-Z-Boys.

In a move that is written in bold, red Sharpie at the tippy top of every sane marketing executive’s “DO NOT DO” list, Nike inexplicably decided to channel their inner Kanye West:

“Now, we ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger.
(We’re branding it on her chest in stylish gold foil.)”

That’s right: Nike commemorated the monumental achievement of some of history’s most skilled athletes by trying to sell women shirts announcing to the world that they’re fucking people for money. Nike tried to pass the stunt off by saying they were just being ironic, a phrase that Alanis Morissette might define as “trying to capitalize on their relationship with Kanye to help move his stupid Air Yeezy sneakers.”

Who would have thought? It figures.

#4. Walmart Features A Badass Skull T-Shirt (Spoiler: The Skull Is A Nazi SS Logo)

There is no activity in existence — whether it be playing the cowbell in a garage band or picking up Hot Pockets down at the Walmart — that can’t be made to look badass by wearing a sufficiently skully T-shirt. And it’s funny we mentioned Walmart, because it just so happens that’s the A-1 perfect spot to adorn yourself in a manner befitting ’80s metal bands and your asshole cousin alike.

Back in 2006, they somehow managed to find clothing racks capable of withstanding the red hot manliness emanating from this bad boy:


Does that design look familiar to you? It did to Maryland blogger Rick Rottman when he spotted the shirts at his local Wally World. Here, let’s see if the insignia rings any bells when you see it on the band of this cap:

Opposite of awesome!

Now that the sense of dread is building in your gut, let’s drive that motherfucker home. Here’s a photo of one of the evilest bags of dicks ever to squirm the face of the Earth, Heinrich Himmler, wearing that very hat:

Awesome just withered and died under his bespectacled stare.

Specifically, that symbol is a Totenkopf, and the one plastered all over Walmart’s T-shirts was the version preferred by the most malevolent of the already indescribably awful Nazis: Hitler’s SS. The ones with the dirtiest hands even called themselves Totenkopf Squadrons. The fact that the T-shirt had “Since 1978” printed beneath this symbol goes to show that one of the job requirements for a discount department store fashion designer is a truly illustrious ignorance of history.

After Rottman pointed out the rock-fucking idiocy of glorifying such a symbol, Walmart immediately recalled the shirts, saying, “Respect for the individual is a core value of our company” — assuming their company doesn’t employ said individual, of course.

And while we’re on the subject of Nazis …

#3. Amazon Graces Commuters’ Asses With Nazi And Imperial Japan Imagery

Imagine, if you will, an adorable, elderly Jewish couple. We’ll call them Simon and Gena. Though Simon and Gena have made a long, mostly happy life for themselves in New York City, the tattoos on their forearms are an everlasting reminder of the horrors that the basest of human depravity can inflict upon an unsuspecting world. Now, imagine this delightful old couple toddles onto a commuter train one day and this is the only seat available:

Heil-y shit!

Yes, that’s an American flag with a Nazi eagle and Iron Cross in place of the 50 stars. And as they reeled to the opposite side of the car in the throes of an advertising-induced Auschwitz flashback, they’d see this:

Land of the Rising SON OF A BITCH!

Gracing the subway with the symbolism of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan was the brainchild of Amazon Prime. It was all a stunt to promote their new series The Man In The High Castle, based on the Philip K. Dick novel that posits, “What if America had lost World War II?”

Of course, you — being the well-read and Internet-savvy epitome of connectedness that you are — know all that. But expecting the average New York City commuter to know all that … well, no offense to the average New York City commuter, but that was a bit much to expect. Amazon pulled the signage after Mayor Bill de Blasio called it “irresponsible and offensive,” thereby unknowingly saving the psyches of our adorable (if hypothetical) elderly couple.

OK, one last Nazi entry before we move on …

#2. Hallmark Makes Gift Wrap For Hanukkah … With Accidental Swastikas In The Pattern

Though holiday gift-giving is generally considered more of a Christian thing — what with their jolly old elves and Coca-Cola and baby Jesuses and whatnot — Jews exchanging gifts at Hanukkah isn’t exactly uncommon. And when decidedly unhypothetical Jewish grandma Cheryl Shapiro went down to her local Walgreens to pick up some Hanukkah-friendly wrapping paper back in 2014, she was in for a shock:

“What’s so wrong with that?” you’re probably asking. “That looks way fancier than the Sunday funnies my grandmother used!” Well, let’s zoom in on the pattern:


Yep, this wrapping paper was hiding scads of tiny swastikas. Now, we get that this was probably an honest mistake. You can probably pick out lots of different shapes in the maze-like pattern (the company says it borrowed the design from a Chinese vase). But A) this paper is being sold around Hanukkah in traditional Hanukkah colors — the stuff is going to get bought by Jewish people to wrap gifts in — and B) there are actually lots of patterns you can use that don’t involve repeated swastikas. We dare say that there is literally an infinite number of such patterns in the universe.

So we can’t decide if this was hilariously bad luck or some wrapping paper designer being a wisecracker and figuring nobody would catch it. Either way, it led to a nationwide recall.

#1. Coca-Cola Suggests That All Indigenous Mexicans Need For Christmas Is More Sugar

Be it giving birth to the cartoon that defined a significant chunk of your childhood or inducing a worldwide urge to hug a bloodthirsty beast, Coca-Cola and Christmas go hand-in-hand. Coke squeezed out a real stinker for Christmas of 2015, however, by releasing a commercial in Mexico depicting a group of beautiful, young white people dropping everything to travel to a remote area of Oaxaca, construct a Coke-themed Christmas tree for Mexico’s indigenous Mixe people, and give them the gift of buttloads of 20-ounce Cokes.

Idyllic, right? Merry motherfucking Christmas and all that crap! Actually, the commercial set consumer rights advocates and health groups on the offensive, because there’s a whole lot of wrong going on that may not be apparent upon first glance. First and most obvious, the ad’s giving off a serious white savior vibe by depicting a group of (presumably American) white folks strolling in to kick the natives straight in the dignity.

Also, at least one of them had been partaking in the wrong kind of Coke.

Even worse is the fact that Mexico’s indigenous population is suffering from a serious soda problem. See, while Americans are gradually beginning to wake up and realize that gulping down bucketfuls of sugar maybe isn’t the way Mother Nature intended us to quench our thirst after all, in Mexico obesity and diabetes are erupting like Mentos mixed with Diet Coke — and that’s thanks in no small part to ultra-sugary drinks. So delivering coolers full of Coca-Cola to an indigenous Mexican community would be like dropping off pallets of Mexican Brown at a heroin rehab.

Which, now that we think about it, may have been the precise intention all along.

For more campaigns we can’t believe someone signed off on, check out 5 Corporate Promotions That Ended In (Predictable) Disaster and The 5 Biggest Disasters In The History Of Marketing.

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25+ Smiling Animals That Will Instantly Make You Smile

Animals. They’ve been around for longer than us, and they’ll probably be around long after we’ve gone. Why? Because animals know the secret of life. And what, I hear you ask, is that secret? It’s happiness. Simple, unadulterated happiness. Take a look at these pictures that Bored Panda has compiled to see just what we mean. They aren’t smiling because they have a lot of Facebook friends. Nor are they smiling because their favorite band won Eurovision. They’re smiling because they love life. And if they don’t put a smile on your face today then we really don’t know what will!

Do you have a pet with a cheeky smile? Then add your pictures to the list below and don’t forget to vote for your favorite!



Andrea Zampatti Report

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Rescue Baby Fox Loves Snuggling With His Plush Bunny Toy

Meet Puggle, the baby fox that was rescued on March 15th in North West London, and who can’t get enough of his stuffed rabbit. Puggle may be living indoors for now, but that rabbit better watch out!

“Puggle has a love hate relationship with it,” the National Fox Welfare Society told Bored Panda. “When he is tired, he loves to snuggle up to the rabbit, but after eating and full of play, he likes to shake the rabbit and throw it around.”

Just two weeks old when he was found, this little kit was taken in the National Fox Welfare Society, in cooperation with the RSPCA. Puggle is presently being fostered by Carolyn and Shane; the plan is to

…and this plush rabbit was picked for the job!

The little kit was just two weeks old when he was found in London

“Puggle has a love hate relationship with [the rabbit]” NFWS told Bored Panda

“When he is tired, he loves to snuggle up to the rabbit”

“…but after eating and full of play…”

“…he likes to shake the rabbit and throw it around!”

The NFWS already has a plan for what to do when he’s older

He will be “integrated with other cubs his own age and size, in preparation for his eventual release back to the wild”

You can follow Puggle’s story on the

Thanks to NFWS for the interview!

Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/baby-fox-puggle-national-fox-welfare-society/

Disney is marketing ‘Zootopia’ to furries because it would be crazy not to

When you’re selling an animated movie about animals who live like people, there’s no more obvious audience than… people who identify as animals. Disney would be crazy not to market its next big animated picture, Zootopia, to furries. And, according to a BuzzFeed report, that’s exactly what Disney is doing.

Furry expert Katie Notopoulos published an email Wednesday in which a Disney-hired marketing firm tells the members of a furry meetup group called Furlife that they’re welcome in Zootopia.

Here’s the text of the message:

Hello Furlife,

My name is and I am representing Walt Disney Studios. Our next film being released is ZOOTOPIA and it is about a world inhabited by animals all living in peace together. The pictures of the members of your group all looking like animals are incredible and align perfectly with the film. All of you could live peacefully in Zootopia. It would be great for you all to share these photos on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. You can take new photos of each other and share these new photos online using the hashtags #Zootopia and #ZooU. You can be representing ZOOTOPIA and the participants can receive film based items such as the poster and rabbit or fox crowns. This can be a lot of fun and your group seems perfect to participate. If you are interested start posting the photos today and email me at [email protected] Thanks!

If you can take this to mean that Disney’s marketing team knows what furries areand, let’s be honest, they’d have to be willfully ignorant not to at this pointand accepts them as part of Disney fandom, that’s a smart and progressive step for #brands everywhere.

There would have been furry fans of Zootopia whether Disney wanted them or not. As soon as the trailer hit, fursuit-wearers were convinced the House of Mouse had finally made something specifically for them. Even the animators behind the film made it clear that they knew what they were doing:

And sometimes the best thing a company can do is embrace its biggest supporters rather than condescending to them. RememberJay Z vs. Cristal? It ended with the beverage company turning down free publicity, taking a huge PR loss, and watching Jay Z acquire and build a competing champagne brand.

But furries are certainly more of a public-relations hot potato than cool, mainstream rappers. For one thing, the Internet has branded fur culture as a sexual fetish thing, whichdoesn’t play well with some brands’ family-friendly images.

Look no further than Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes mascot Tony Tiger, who rejected his horny furry fans on Twitter, trying to keep things kid-safe. His potential customers fled straight into the arms of their new “daddy,” open-minded Cheetos spokescat Chester Cheetah.

It appears that Disneywho along with their marketing firm did not answer BuzzFeed’s request for commentis willing, unlike Kellogg’s, to acknowledge that there’s more to fur culture than yiffing,knotting, and other sexy stuff you can Google at your own peril. Like mostpeople, furries sometimes have sex, but that’s not all they do. Sometimes they just hang out and live normal livesas seen in Disney’s Zootopia.

Can’t a furry live? Disney seems to think: yes.

Screengrab via Walt Disney Animation Studios/YouTube

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