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There Will Be A Pink Mini-Moon On Thursday

This is a good week for astrophiles, lunar fanatics, and werewolves, as the full Moon this week is going to be a special one: it will be a Mini-Moon.

On Thursday, the Moon will be at its apogee, its furthest point from Earth at more than400,000 kilometers (249,000 miles)away. The apogee will be reached at 12:06 p.m. EDT (5:06 p.m. BST) on April 21, and the full Moon will be reached at 1:25 a.m. EDT (6:25 a.m. BST) on April22.

The Mini-Moon, technically known as an apogee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system (when all three objects align), happens because the Moon’s rotation around our planet and its phase cycle dont last the same amount time. People consider it a Mini-Moon if the apogee and full Moon happen within 24 hours of each other, andMini-Moons happen about once a year.

Mini-Moons arenot as well-known asSupermoons, which happenwhen a full Moon is atits closest approach to Earth (perigee). A Mini-Moon looks approximately 14 percent smaller and 25 to30 percent dimmer than a Supermoon.

Comparison between the 2011 Supermoon and Mini-Moon byKen_Lord via FlickrCC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Aprils full Moon is traditionally called aFull Pink Moon, namedbythe Algonquin Indiansas it is associated withmoss pink, one of the first flowering plantsof spring. The Moon will not actually change color, and no matter what you might have heard on the Internet in the past few days, it most definitely wont turn green.

For people interested in both the Mini-Moon and its role in traditional agriculture, Slooh and The Old Farmers Almanac will have a live webcast about the Pink Mini-Moon on Thursday, April 21,at 8 p.m. EDT (1 a.m. BST).

You can go toSlooh.comto join and watch this live broadcast (embedded below),snap and share your own photos during the event, chat with audience members, interact with the hosts, and personally control Sloohs telescopes.

The next Mini-Moon will be on June 9, 2017, but a rare occurrence will happen the year after when we will have a Mini-Moon featuring a lunar eclipse, whichwill occuron July 27, 2018.

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This Doodle Is Mystifying The Internet – Can You Tell What It Shows?

This drawing is stirring all kinds of confusion on the Internet. It seems that many people can pick up whats in the drawing within a few seconds. Others, however, seem to see nothing but a black blobor find all kinds of things that arent there, like a kind of Rorschach test.

The doodle was originally shared on Facebook by Savannah Root, along with the caption: I stared at this picture for An hour trying to figure out what it was. Its since been shared over 6,000 times and has a reel of comments with confused people.

Scroll down to see the answer, ifyoure still stumped.



Answer: Its a cowboy, with half of his face covered by a shadow.

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Google Destroyed His Business But It’s Not All Bad


Gerald here,

Just another quick update from me today.

At last the weather is now getting more spring like.
It’s great to wake up hearing the birds tweeting
and the sun shining through the open window, it truly
makes you fell grateful to be living on this beautiful planet.

I have a saying “Everyday above ground is a truly successful day”.

An associate marketer I know Tony Marriott, has a tale to tell
last September (2015) he virtually lost his Internet business due to
big changes Google brought about.

Build the worlds most powerful search engine.
Dominate the web so there is no option but to use you.
Make up your own rules and force everyone else to follow them.
Then change the rules at a whim so huge numbers of people get burned.

Yep, that’s Google and Tony Marriott was one of the guys getting
His previous (very) profitable affiliate business was going down like
a sinking ship.
That’s when he decided that any profitable online business must never
rely on Google alone.

So he literally took time out to build test and prove an affiliate
system suitable for the next generation of affiliate marketers.
One that actually made money, was a sustainable business and could be
created by anyone who knew the method.

Tony calls his new system the “Next Generation Affiliate” and has made
it available to everyone an astonishingly low price.
I highly recommend you grab this quick as it won’t be around for ever
at this price.

He has kindly given me some discount coupons too.

I hope you find this useful.

Have a great week.

Speak soon.


The Lead Magnet Man

Go small or go home

Hi ya

Gerald here,

Bigger is not always better.


A bigger piece of pie for
desert is better than a
smaller one.

And a bigger bowl of ice
cream is better than a
smaller one.


When it comes to making
money online, smaller
campaigns are better.


Because bigger campaigns
take lots of hard work
and lots of moolah to
put together.

But running tiny super
profitable campaigns is
the way to go because you
can quickly find easy money
and scale up fast.

This is exactly what my
friend John Crosbie does.
John has a system where he
only works maybe 30 minutes
a day on a campaign and he
regularly pulls in results
like 347% ROI.

Not too shabby eh?

With results like this, he
probably has some kind of
fancy-pants expensive
software to find these
profitable campaigns right?


No hard to learn expensive
software here.

And his system is so easy
to learn, you can quickly get
your own profitable campaigns
running in no time.

In fact;

John’s system is so good, he
is offering an unprecedented
lifetime guarantee because he
knows his system works and he
knows you will make money with
it as well.

This one is a no-brainer.

And when you grab this through
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Facebook today;

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I hope you find this useful.

Have a great week.

Speak soon.


The Lead Magnet Man

RE: the desktop software produced by a snake!


Gerald here,

Just another quick update from me today.

Yesterday I told you about my FREE desktop app
Traffic Explosion Software” the one I used the latest “Snake Player
to produce it, and lots of you came along and got it. That’s great 🙂
If you didn’t you still can get it from here

There is one thing I must point out, well actually 2 points..
You can get “Give Away Rights” and get a super mobile optimised
squeeze page for this and build your list with it super quickly…

And point 2 and the best option too, you can rebrand this software and
virtually make it your own, the mind boggles what you can do with it then eh!
Yours to do whatever you wish you can give away or even sell it!

You all know me by now I produce high quality
products and my prime aim is to help you make money!


I hope you find this useful.

Have a great week.

Speak soon.


The Lead Magnet Man

Is this the worst sales letter ever?

Hi ya

Gerald here,

Get ready to have the crap
scared out of you.

It’s gross.

I haven’t seen a sales letter
this scary looking since
the 1990’s.

I actually screamed in horror
when I first saw it.

“Aww come on – it can’t
be that bad”…

Oh but it is.

You’ll be shocked to the
core this thing even converts.

(I know I was)

It looks “ghetto” but it’s
converting like crazy.

It just goes to show the power
of an emotional true story and
a money-making method which
actually works.

Go ahead and take a look for
yourself but don’t say I didn’t
warn you;


I hope you find this useful.

Have a great week.

Speak soon.


The Lead Magnet Man

Traveller T-Shirt With 40 Icons Lets You Communicate In Any Country Even If You Dont Speak Its Language

I wish I had this shirt when I was in Afghanistan. In 2009, we were situated in a little Observation Post somewhere in Kandahar for a week or two at a time, with nothing but rations to fill our bellies. After many days and much elaborate drawing, I finally managed to communicate to a local Afghan National Army soldier that we were interested in real food. For the rest of our stay, and for just a few dollars per week, we were treated to hot meals twice per day. But had I had this IconSpeak shirt, weeks of eating cold rations could have been avoided.

IconSpeak is a useful T-shirt printed with 40 universal icons, perfect for those occasions when you don’t speak the local language and have forgotten how to sign “I think there’s a problem with my carburettor.” The shirt was thought up by three Swiss “pen-pushers” over numerous drinks and after an adventure with a broken-down motorcycle, somewhere in Vietnam. Read a little bit of their story below:

“Many times we were confronted with a language barrier that was only to be overcome by drawing signs, symbols or icons on a piece of paper, map, or into the dirt,” explain George, Steven, and Florian. “We thought it would be great to have an essential set of icons with you, permanently, so that you could just point on whatever you need – and people would understand. Soon the notepad was pulled out again and we started listing more or less essential icons that would have been of great help during not just ours, but basically anyone’s trip.”

Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/travel-shirt-iconspeak-world/

How a hermit from Ohio made 347% ROI in his underwear


Hi ya

Gerald here,

This guy is the real deal.

My friend John Crosbie has
figured out a way to get
unheard of results.

Best part is he doesn’t have
to work very hard to get those
stunning results.

He hit a gold mine with
this one.

But it wasn’t
always like
this for John.

You see;

The reason he got into
internet marketing in the
first place was because the
financial crisis wiped out his
clients and 95% of his income.

And because the last thing he
wanted to was to spend his life
in a cubicle, wearing a suit
and working for “the man”,
he decided to live off his
savings for a while, and try
internet marketing.

This didn’t go so well.

John spent over $50,000 on
products and training and
worked his ass off 16 hours
a day studying and tweaking
and testing all sorts of stuff.

John was losing a fortune
online, and was about to
quit until he discovered
a simple system which made
him 347% ROI in 193 minutes.

Then he thought if this works
with Product X – will it work
as well with Product Y?


This one didn’t pull in 347%…

It did better – 486% ROI.

Holy crap.

Now John wants to share exactly
how he got those outstanding
results with you so you can cash
in on his discovery too.

So today I want you to forget
about putting your pants on,
sit at your computer in your
underwear and start getting
the same results John gets.

And when you grab this through
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I hope you find this useful.

Have a great week.

Speak soon.


The Lead Magnet Man

Adele’s Childhood Photo Is Excellent Marketing For Her New Single

Here’s the difference between you and Adele. 

Your childhood photos are adorable, yet sometimes embarrassing, reminders of your past, and hers are used to sell records. Lots of records. 

On Friday, the superstar revealed “When We Were Young” as the second single off her record-smashing album “25.” Appropriately, the single’s artwork features an adorably awkward childhood photo of the British singer. 

A photo posted by @adele on

If you were one of the many millions of people who bought “25,” then you’ve surely been listening on repeat, but it’s also worth the time to revisit her live performance of the song at London’s The Church Studios, which was released this past November. 

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2016/02/05/adele-when-we-were-young-childhood-photo_n_9169848.html

Ryan Reynolds Had The Best Response To Sexist Marketing In Hollywood

Ryan Reynoldsmay be too perfect of a human being. Like, he’s suspiciously angelic.

In a recentinterview promoting his latest movie, “Deadpool,” Reynolds made it even harder for us to believe he’s a normal human being. He mocked studio execs who assume women don’t like superhero movies, saying,

I think it’s funny that the studios go, ‘Oh, how are we going to market this movie to women, you know, we have to market the romantic angle.’And it’s sort of like… well, no. Women love f*cking superhero movies! Clearly they go to these movies.

After raking in $135 million in its first three days in theaters, “Deadpool” is on target to break some box office records, which makesit pretty clearthat women are digging superhero movies. Reynoldsadded,

It’s sort of funny that the studios are sometimes the last to know that.

This is just one more reason to believe Ryan Reynolds may be a superhero in real life. I mean, if he came out of the superhuman closet as an otherworldly being, would we really be that surprised? I don’t think so.

Check out the Tumblr of Reynolds’ quotable comments here.

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Read more: http://elitedaily.com/entertainment/ryan-reynolds-responds-sexist-marketing/1387036/

Traffic Explosion


Gerald Here,

I hope you are good.

I  want to tip you off I am launching a free product on the Warrior plus platform
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“How to Find The Most Effective Traffic Sources”.

The link will be live from 10,00 EST on Monday 18th April 2016.
I hope you find this useful.
Have a great week.


The Lead Magnet Man


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