Is a Graphic Design Online Degree for You?

Finally, you might prefer to choose a concentration in 3D modeling and animation, which helps you learn state-of-the-art techniques for creating video game and movie visual effects. Courses within … Many designers choose to do freelance work, either …

PPC Analytics: 3 Key Performance Indicators for Your Internet Marketing

And, one thing became clear – cross-channel, cross-device targeting remains the most powerful differentiator for profitable marketing strategies. Read our report to learn the quarterly and YoY impressions, clicks, spend, and conversion trends by …

15+ Museum Snapchats Thatll Make Art History Fun Again

Museums can be awesome. But let’s face it, some of them can also be pretty dull. Which is why it’s not surprising that some people get a little bored of them. After all, how many busts do you need to see (no jokes) before they all start to look the same? And frescoes are all well and good, but you can only see so many of them before neck cramp starts to set in.

But museums don’t have to be boring. Especially if you have Snapchat. Just take a look at these hilarious pictures compiled by Bored Panda to see what we mean. Don’t forget to vote for the funniest!




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Boxer Dog Reunites With Family After Nine Years

Losing a pet is always hard. If you’ve had a pet, then you know that pets become family, and when they’re gone, a piece of you seems to be missing.

Dogs are some of the hardest to lose because of the loyalty and love that you share with them.Puppies have the power to make people happy I think there is proof in that every daybutespecially in this video of a grandma getting a surprise pet.

When the Goldstone familygot their boxer puppy, Boozer, he ended up escaping from their backyard.

They had mourned the loss of their puppy after some years went by without finding him, and they had missed him every day since. Nine years later, they got a phone call about a dog that was found that might be theirs.

The thoughts rushing through their heads must have been tough…

How could they know if this dog was theirs? What if it was Boozer, and he didn’t remember any of them,or he didn’t want to come home? If it wasn’tBoozer, then it mightfeel like losing him all over again.

Despite all of the possibly negative outcomes that could come from driving 2,500 miles to this shelter, they decided to hope for the positive outcome. The outcome they’d been hoping for for the past nine years, where they’d reunite with their puppy and take him back home to his family.

And they were right to do that, but the dog that came out to them didnot look like the dog that they had lost all thoseyears ago. Watch below to see the transformation this lost puppy went through, and the reunion that he has with his family!


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Elevaate Named One of the Unilever Foundry 50 for 2016

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3 Ecommerce Strategies To Increase Online Sales & Repeat Business

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Hiring Essentials for Your Transportation Business

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