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We know that orangutans are great climbers — in fact, it seems like they could just hop out of their enclosure, if they wanted to. It turns out that Sekara, an orangutan at the Perth Zoo, did just that when her 5-year-old baby Sungai lost grip on some equipment and fell into a garden bed on Sunday, according to WA Today. Visitors were evacuated from the area for safety, but zoo staff were quick to respond to the incident.

"She gave the impression if truth be told serene, certainly puzzled on where to go off afterwards. Everyone concerning was beyond doubt tranquil in addition to leaving her space given that well. The end affair was possibly only 30-40 seconds ahead of workforce dawned," Jess McConnell, a witness , enlightened the news broadcast egress.

Perth Zoo spokesperson Danielle Henry enlightened the news egress that the occurrence was "over inside 15 minutes ," along with Sekara survived relax in addition to dawned to keepers later.

"Sekara is an fine mommy plus a speck of a helicopter parent , furthermore the barely techniques to find to him was to pop onto the caller board . She retrieved him also got in to the enclosure on her own ," Henry cited. 

"Keepers were calling to her , as well as she has a extremely first-class relationship also one another." The zoo will furthermore activities a analyze of the occasion.

It's not the originally time an orangutan has escaped the zoo's enclosure . A duo of days ago , a 5-year-old orangutan named Teliti by hook or by crook fell upon out in addition to knowledgeable a wander along a boardwalk . 

Orangutang out at Perth zoo ! Dawned gulp to play around as well as my son. Evacuated into nocturnal abode. @PerthZoo @6PRbreakfast @7NewsPerth #escapes pic .twitter.com/KwOVwAsAH7