It sure does sound like a dream job, except for the trolling.

Former Massachusetts senator and actual 80s model, Scott Brown, has reportedly been picked by Trump as the next U.S. ambassador to Spanking new Zealand. Brown calls for to await proof from the Senate earlier than attaining his fill of Lord of the Rings compilation tours , mountains , also fish burgers also egg . 

However, that hasn’t stopped the Oceanic realm sledging their prospective innovative resident . Particularly the Brand new Zealand Herald. 

Their caption reads: “Man tipped because US ambassador role in NZ a past nude model who supports waterboarding .” Savage.

Trump picks Scott Brown because U.S. ambassador to Different Zealand

This was the heading inside Innovative Zealand’s major newspaper while gossips initially leaked pic

The script continues to describe the past senator for anyone along furthermore a “more colourful past than certain diplomats ,” presumably hinting at that complete nude centrefold since Cosmopolitan’s “America’s Sexiest Man” competition in 1982 obsession.

The fresh US Ambassador to Fresh Zealand (pending confirmation) pic

Nope. Individual an dreamboat doesn’t type you immune take pleasure in the vehemence of the Kiwi the net.

Q:What are your qualifications to be ambassador ?

A: I squandered a Senate race .

Q: Welcome to Current Zealand

if at foremost you don’t accomplish, seek, fail, turn into ambassador to novel zealand https://t .co/5OIudKhwcs

Correction: An before version of this document cited the New Zealand Herald title was enjoys Friday, as inside the whole story it was from February.

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