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Today, Natsume and Natsume Atari announced a PC release for Wild Guns Reloaded. Reloaded will hit Steam later this yer, and it will also be shown off at E3 in June. Natsume joins other Japanese developers — including Sega and its recent Bayonetta announcement — in bringing their games to a PC audience as console sales continue to decline in the region. Even Sony has modified its having a bet center of attention somewhere else relishes its marital nation.

“Not barely is this the first occasion a Bananas Guns sport will be obtainable on Laptop computer stage, nonetheless this is yet the initially Personal computer commence given that Natsume,” referred to Hiro Maekawa, president & CEO of Natsume, in a wring release. “We are gratified to transfer this classic plus prized franchise to a complete brand new group of squad, also fathom that they will grip it competently given that Nintendo furthermore Sony squad meet up with over the time.”

Nuts Guns Reloaded has eight stages , two extra characters , plus four-player play. It will yet tolerate on the internet rankings . Nastume revived the franchise previous per annum when the Reloaded version returned out on PS4.

This isn’t the originally Natsume dimension the firm plotted out to move to Pc, but. In 2015, the bureau announced Harvest Moon might variety its first PC appearance, a exposes that today Nastume checked out to GamesBeat is on fit.