Gerald here,

I am very busy these days producing great new products.
I am preparing a new training membership site, one that will pay 50%
commissions to my affiliates.

Yes my affiliates, this one won’t be through JVZoo or Warrior Plus but
through my own affiliate system.
You are going to love this one, and I plan to launch it next week and
it’s free to join.

Before I go, I must mention a while ago I launched a video training
“List Building Elite”.
The most easy and simple way to build a wealthy and reponsive list for
your business to generate up to 7 figures.
This training course is a series of 20 videos teaching you how to
create a list without expensive cost and high end software.
Attract the right group of audience who is always hungry for more
offers from you.

As my loyal subscriber I have put it in my Subscriber Deal Directory
you can get it here and you wont believe the price!

>>> http://gedespi.org/deals/ListBuildingElite

Have a great weekend.

Speak soon.


The Lead Magnet Man
>>>>>>>Subscriber Deal Directory http://gedespi.org/deals/<<<<<<<<<<<

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