Access to LinkedIn remains blocked in Russia as negotiations between Russian communication regulators while the networking company dissolved Tuesday following disagreements over information storage space rules.

Businesses that store information linked with Russian residents are required to hold that information on servers located in Russia but LinkedIn didn’t comply, Russian telecom regulator Roskomnadzor said.

Based on Reuters, regulators advertised the Microsoft-owned business had refused to go its Russian individual information to sites on Russian soil, “confirming its lack of desire for focusing on the Russian market.” Russia first blocked LinkedIn last year, following a court decision which LinkedIn ended up being found to own violated regulations mandating the area storage space of Russian data.

The local data storage space rules arrived to impact in 2015, amid broader efforts by Russian authorities to work out greater control of cyberspace.

a representative for LinkedIn told BuzzFeed News in a declaration that the business is disappointed in decision, but hopes to replace solution as time goes by. LinkedIn additionally maintains so it has followed the principles inside Russian Federation.

“We are disappointed with Roskomnadzors action to block LinkedIn since it denies access to our services for our users and clients in Russia,” LinkedIn said. “Although we think we adhere to all applicable laws, and despite conversations with Roskomnadzor, including meeting with them in Moscow in December 2016, we’ve been struggling to reach an understanding that could see them raise the block on LinkedIn into the Russian Federation.”


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