JV Affiliate Message


Good Morning

I am communicating with you because you recently signed up to my jv affiliate list.

Here we are again another exciting week ahead. I know you normally only hear from me when I have a product launch.

I don’t have any new products to launch just yet, I am working on many products and most will have a 75% commission level with one or two upsells, not massive profit I must admit but hopefully I produce products in demand mainly in the lead magnet field and they are generally affordable, and these are always in demand.

If you are a product launcher and you would like to use some of my free products in your thank you pages, just let me know and I will arrange for you to get product access.

I put a post on my blog you can see some of my products there which you can promote https://gedespi.org/my-products/

And my master JV page is here http://online-buys.com/1/jv-master/

If you are not already approved for any of my products I am happy to rectify that asap.

I am looking forward to working closely with you.
If you need any help contact me, details are on the JV page.

Thank you.


Gerald Pilcher [aka The Lead Magnet Man]