I wish I was a train because trains always know where theyre going. They know their way and they know their stops. They dont stop at the wrong station and they dont stop at stations that dont have room for them. They always make sure that the station knows, that the station is ready and that the station is waiting forthem.

A train doesnt wait for late passengers or passengers who are not sure where theyre going. They only let passengers in who are on board, who booked a ticket, who know they have to be on that train to get to their destination.

A train doesnt make excuses for confused or hesitant passengers; a train doesnt care about those who cant make up their minds.

A train just rolls into the darkness and doesnt fear the obstacles on the way.It keeps going in one direction and it doesnt turn back. It looks ahead and moves ahead and rarely looks at what it left behind. A train doesnt really care about the pebbles on the tracks as long as it can keep moving and a train doesnt care whether its night or day as long as itcan the road.

A train stops at all sorts ofstations and learns to adjust along the way.It may not be the fanciest or nicest station but its part of the path and a train embraces all parts of the path; the good, the bad and the ugly. A train doesnt wait for the perfect station, a train knows there is something to be picked up fromeach station that will make the road easier and less frightening.

A train doesnt care about the weight of the cargo it’s transporting; heavy or light, it will just carry it and take it where it belongs; instead of worrying about the cargo, the train enjoys the scenery it passes through, the sunsets and sunrises it witnesses, the farms, the greenery and the beautiful land it looks at and the rainbows that penetrate the skies every now and then.

Because these moments make the ride worthwhile, they make it easier, they makeit more meaningful and they makethe train forget that its alone. Trains find beauty in isolation.

I wish I was a train because trains make people happy, they take them to see loved ones, they make it easier to connect with those far away and they give people something to look forward to.

I wish I was a train because trains dont stay in one station for too long; trains keep moving no matter how special one station was, if its time to go, a train just leaves. Trains always know when to leave. Trains always leave before its too late.

I wish I was a train because even when trains crash, they make the front page, even in their destruction, they still leave something for the world to talk about.

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