Gerald here,

Hear ye, hear ye.

I’ve received a few questions
about the program this week
and wanted to share the more
popular ones with you today.

So without further ado,
here they are;

Q: thank you for all the valuable
info. I was wondering if I should
buy the Scope for Cash program.
Is Periscope really a game changer?

A: Yes.

Periscope is definitely a game
changer because it has over 15
million people using it and it
provides powerful interaction
with your prospects to get your
marketing message across.

And yes you should buy my
program if you want to learn
how to quickly make a profit
with Periscope.

Q: I am really interested in
Scopeforcash, so I want to buy it.
BUT Im in my 60’s and not at
all technical. Can an old gal
like me still make a buck with
this program and Periscope?

A: Yes.

Can you click the button on
your tv remote control to turn
on your tv? If so, you have more
than enough technical ability to
use Periscope.

All you need to do is hit the
“Start Broadcast” button on your
smartphone and you will instantly
be talking to hundreds of new
contacts, prospects and customers.

Q: Just saw this new Periscope
system and I realy want to join
you on this but I’m a newbie and
don’t know what kind of content
to present on my scopes. Does
this program help with that?

A: Yes.

In How To Scope For Cash, you’ll
discover exactly how you can
create irresistible content
for your broadcasts.

This is perfect if you are a
newbie or just short on time.

Q: Looks great. The only thing
I’m worried about is that since
I’ve never used Periscope before,
I won’t be able to get any
followers and not make any money.

When I buy this program, will it
help me with that?

A: Yes.

How To Scope For Cash is
packed with tips and strategies
which will help you get floods of
followers fast so there is
nothing to be worried about.


When you grab this through
my link you’re getting the
exclusive free bonus of
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Start making money from
Periscope today here;

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“100bucks” to get a
whopping $100 off)

I hope you find it useful.

Have a great week.

Speak soon.


The Lead Magnet Man

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