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During London Tech Week, The Europas Conference & Awards (in partnership also TechCrunch)will notice the highest thought of tech investors in addition to incorporated lineup only location. No varying occasion may well challenge it . Whatsoever better season to pitch your startup ? However there’s extra than lone systems you might product an impact along furthermore your startup there .

The first is the evident Demo Table selection. As this every year The Europas is at the spacious Pick up East venue , there is a lot of of place to compilation out your stall (email [email protected] .com for the reason that details) as a result you can actually goto town .

The bit is to draw two tickets to shelter your startup players. Draw a demo table , plus you acquire a discount on those tickets .

The third is to converge PathFounders. PathFounders is the distinctive, invitation-only , event given that startup Founders at The Europas. As well as this , Founders acquire a really unusual ‘founders in addition to investors only’ half-day , on the daylight hours prior to The Europas (which they likewise meet, for the reason that the total thing) , where they labor under devoted sessions on initiating their bureau, fund-raising also also capture to pitch their bureau in front of various of Europe’s chief investors .

The fourth is to congregate for variant Breakout Sessions for you may possibly at the conference . Inside the groups of less than 50 groups of people, you can directly sense the personalities you taste to converse to inside your sector .

The fifth is downloading the networking app , which will major engagement obtainable to attendees of the valid incident. So you may well commence networking well previous the true conference . (Details to track because attendees-only) .

The sixth is , following everything that , staying for The Europas Awards, where everybody relaxes and you catch a opportunity to style easygoing tête-à-tête as well as the whole lot the VIPs furthermore narrators at the conference . For the reason that they will troth there , as well as The Europas realizes not go through a sectioned-off VIP aspect.

The seventh is looking out because the invited journalists attending take pleasure in main tech titles , newspapers and interest broadcasters .

• PITCHES: Founders, direct pitches in addition to slides
• How to construct your product – Harry Stebbings of 20 petty VC
• Growth-hacking workspace – by Sudden increase Tribe
• How to PR your bureau true!, by Collette Ballou of Ballou PR
• Raising capital riches relishes Angels, by serial angel investor Jeremy Yap
• VC investor panel
• Designing Your Tradition Workshop
• PathFounders Entertaining Activities

PathFounders is by invitation-only . You could make a request inside two ways . Either done just pre-purchasing a coupon past to route or certainly this fashion. (This coupon is for investors only) .

Because the conference as well as awards are supported by TechCrunch the whole lot PathFounders will search out deep discounts to TechCrunch Confuse Berlin, soon this once a year.

The Europas Awards 2017 are fixed inside association plus London Tech Week as well as sponsors include HereEast, Highland Europe, ihorizon , JAG Shaw Baker, Orrick, as well as Fieldhouse Associates.

Curious inside sponsoring the Europas or hosting a table at the awards ? Search out meet with:
Petra Johansson // [email protected] .com