Gerald here,

It’s true.

They don’t have a scooby
how he makes the millions
of dollars he’s pulling in.

It must look weird for them;

He doesn’t have a job.
He doesn’t drive to work.
He doesn’t ear a suit and
he “operates” out of his
mortgage-free house.


It does look sketchy.

But the God’s honest
truth is the six million
he’s made over the past
few years has nada to
do with drugs.

And everything to do
with having a list.

Once you get a list
you can write your
own paychecks (and
your own cliches too
– such fun).

But there’s a science to it.

Just throwing up a squeeze
page ain’t gonna cut the
mustard at all.

So if you wanna see the
best way to get your own
list (even if you’re just
starting out and have
no capital, no experience
and no expertise) then
mozy on over to the street
corner below where this
millionaire dude is waiting
to give you the good stuff.


When you grab this through
my link you’re getting the
exclusive free bonus of
an MP3 audio “Lucrative
List-Building Secrets” from
Cheney himself (it’s delivered
to you automatically after you
order List Building Black Ops).

Grab this now;


(Enter the Coupon Code
“cheneyspecial” to get a
whopping $100 off)

I hope you find it useful.

Have a great week.

Speak soon.


The Lead Magnet Man

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