Gerald here,

I hope your weekend was good, sadly the weather here in the UK has
turned real sour!
The cold weather and rain has returned, and would you believe it in
the media there is a talk of snow coming! Well I never…

Today I am releasing another Freebie on the Warrior Plus it’s a
windows desktop software titled “Internet Marketing Coaching with Sean
Mize” It will be available from 10.00 est 25 April and as I say it’s FREE.
So go grab it here http://online-buys.com/1/imcoe/

Now getting back to the cyber world eh, be it on your smart phone
tablet or the old fashioned computer or laptop 🙂

Last week I told you about “The Biggest Marketing System On The

No it’s not Facebook or Google.
They are just part of a much bigger system.

I’m talking about the mobile phone or more specifically smart phones.
I know all of you will be very aware of smartphones.
In fact most of you probably own one.

So I have to ask you. Why are you not fully engaging in a specific
mobile marketing strategy to grow your business?
Mobile is massive and is growing fast.

“Total Mobile Pages” is a web based software that allows anyone of
any skill level to create customized mobile landing pages,
QR codes and traffic tracking all in one go.

For a short time I have secured a discount on this.
Everything you need is in the “Total Mobile Pages” system.
The really great news is that you can get full, lifetime
access for an ultra low one off payment by going to the link below.

Coupon Code: tmp10off

I hope you find this useful.

Have a great week.

Speak soon.


The Lead Magnet Man

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