Five Ways You Can Make Money Using Pinterest



You have probably heard about Pinterest. We bet you have been hearing
great reviews about this site. The sheer explosion in activity and
burst of excitement is enough for people to quiz, how do you monetize
all that jazz? We bet you are like us asking that very same question.

For starters, we have to seriously ask if there is any light at the
end of the financial tunnel as far as Pinterest is concerned.
We have to accept the harsh truth that every venture that is on the
Internet wants to make money. Regardless if it is a non-profit or not,
the bottom line will always be the only line to take. That’s why
people are putting their brains through the wringer in the hope of
squeezing out ideas that can help them use the natural leverage
provided by Pinterest to keep the moolah flowing in their bank

Let’s get the facts straight here. Pinterest frowns upon
purely commercial activities on its system. That is why it went after
affiliate links and made it difficult to make money that way.
While waiting for the tide to tone down, it is important to know that
there are several other ways to get some moolah from Pinterest without
necessarily breaking their policies. If you are interested then read
on, you may find some sense from the suggestions and give it a shot
from your end.

1. Photographs make Pinterest a cut above the rest. Photographs are
king as far as Pinterest is concerned. At the same time, it is the
photographs that will give you that natural leverage to drive traffic
and boost sales. High-quality pictures plus creatively-made boards
will lead you to more pins and re-pins that will give your brand that
much needed boost.

2. Viral marketing is a duke of Pinterest. Viral marketing becomes
more effective with Pinterest. Unlike other social networks, you can
follow a complete stranger on Pinterest because you share the same ugh
interests. The way Pinterest connects people is the key why people
can make money from the social media. Be wary about this one because
Pinterest may not like this pro-commerce activity. That is why it is
best to do some guerrilla warfare on this one.

3. Social media integration is what the doctor ordered. Since
Pinterest is also a glorified social bookmarking site that can connect
with Facebook and Twitter. When a person gets to re-pin your content
it is shared quite extensively not only on that person’s network but
also over the two giant social media site. This will expand the
visibility of your brand and products. This allows you to have a
better chance of snatching that potential for sales.

4. Creating that back link. This is something that’s often forgotten
or relegated to lower priorities when in fact, it is so important.
Back links are what your SEO folks are drooling over. It is the
simplest form of driving traffic back to your website. With back links
under your belt, you can be assured of better traffic moving on.

5. Blog posts are dandy. Blogs are small businesses. You can generate
a lot of traffic for your blog when you use Pinterest to promote it.
Pin pictures on the services that you offer so that your audience will
think about your business when they need you at hand.
Making money with Pinterest is a skill but not difficult. You need to
be patient in taking time to learn the system and make it work for
you. The better you become with this new social media site increases
your chances to get money from it.


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