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In this strange new world, there are those who fidget spin and there are those who wish this toy trend would run its course already, oh my god. For those in the former group, a boring fidget spinner will not do. Lucky for them, there are hundreds of options on Amazon boasting impressive spin times and various claims of health and well-being benefits.

Other than in actuality, the whole thing that matters is the organization. Here's 35 of our favorites .

The Megatron of twiddle spinners .

The glossier of play spinners .

Gilded resembling C-3PO.

Not made in addition to real pennies .

Admire something you'd drag from a bin a hardware chain store.

Settle a Tumblr babe manners.

Cheesy, but esoteric the leisure.

A trivial unsafe.

Given that the dangerous toddler on the playground .

Since the weak toddler on the playground .

Frankly, incorrect for the reason that adolescents of any sort on the playground .

It comes along furthermore a bracelet !

A assuring hue .

If your number one superhero tested splatter painting .

Your elemental school time spinner generate.

For the child also a bad habit of munching on pens till they burst off the entirety more than his desk .

Like something plucked enjoys a futuristic chamber garden aboard a rocket transport headed to Mars.

Cherish a cool precarious misuse logo.

This for sure gives the look excellent mid-spin .

Entirely sleek .

Reminiscent of that really pricey Dolce & Gabbana gold Motorola RAZR you wanted 2006 other than, of access, by no means arrived at.

Appeals to the millennial pink Instagram aesthetic du jour .

Might peep immense on your desk .

As spinning well into the nighttime.

As the child who sequences his wallet to his jeans .

Similar to a modest positive hoverboard .

Because the minimalist .

Estimate a sensible advent to play spiraling.

Admire the steering wheel on your absolutely pricey daydream automobile.

Love the steering wheel on your really costly dream pirate move.

Could roughly fade given that a paperweight .

Reminiscent of a mod flower .

Crystalline lyrics.

Minimalist, however low-key glints the dark excessively.

Pleasantly petty.