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SitterFriends announced that Mahesh Lingareddy, founder of Soft Machines Inc (now owned by Intel) and founder of Smartron, an OEM and IOT company, joined SitterFriends as investor and advisor. SitterFriends, launching in June, aims to bring innovation to childcare, allowing parents to find help that is trustworthy, and affordable but also quickly accessible. A groundbreaking product in the childcare space, SitterFriends will allow parents to find their perfect match in a nanny but also feel at ease while the nanny provides care after the initial matching is done.

We sat gulp with Mahesh to refer to around his espousal with SitterFriends.

How are you demanded?

I withstand a long reputation relationship along furthermore the co-founders of SitterFriends Fahad Jalal, furthermore Amit Jain. They worked plus me whilst I was at Gentle Machines, with given that I consider inside them, I sought after to acquire at the back of the players along with their merchandise. Whilst they made up our minds to depart broadcast plus SitterFriends I became solitary of the early investors inside the organization. I am in addition on the advisory board and link up with the main squad members on a popular ground to treat strategy, item for consumption and marketing.

Like CPU Plan (Soft Machines) to Buyer Hardware (Smartron) to at this time childcare . Why the investment inside a childcare agency?

Childcare plus senior trouble are vast trades the US plus concerning the universe, largely untapped in addition to fragmented . There is a cluster of occasion to ship both software with hardware innovation to resolve assorted of the chief drawbacks in these markets, plus I rely on SitterFriends is flowing to do this . My betrothal is largely ascribable to my environment the customer with industrial hardware . Inside the approaching months the side will reveal various of the issues we suffer been functioning on to style teen bother with senior worry safer furthermore richer leveraging a lot of brainy, sensor , IoT also AI technologies .

Thank you Mahesh, for your participation on SitterFriends.

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