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Radiohead Now Has A Fungus-farming Ant Named After It

A newly discovered ant species has a particularly moody name: Sericomyrmex radioheadi.

Scientists named the fungus-farming ant to honor both the music and climate change activism of British rock band Radiohead.

This particular species, found in Venezuela’s slice of the Amazon rainforest, is a less-famous relative of the more popular leaf-cutter ant, they said in a study published Monday in the journal ZooKeys. Continue reading

How ViperChill Founder Dave Cunningham Generated $1.4M In 2015

You’ve probably noticed over the years that I’m not a big fan of talking about my own finances. I have close friends and family who read this blog and as they don’t share their current wealth with me (I don’t really want to know), I would rather not share mine with them. However, I do know that those who are struggling to succeed online get a lot of motivation from the success stories of others, so I’m excited to share one with you today. Continue reading

5 Popular Blog Post Topics That Everyone Loves To Share

If you’re a content marketer of any type, you know how crucial it is for your blog posts to make a splash.

If you were to look over my shoulder any day of the week, you’d see me checking my social sharing metrics.

(This image shows the social sharing metrics for QuickSprout. Continue reading

Fox News Execs Accused Of Hacking Host Who Alleged Sexual Harassment

Fox News has a whole new problem on its hands — and it could cost its owners a $14 billion deal.

Fox News executives have been accused of conducting a social media harassment campaign and hacking into the computer of a former host for the channel, who alleged sexual harassment against the channel’s ousted CEO Roger Ailes.

Andrea Tantaros, who hosted “The Five” on Fox News, made the accusations in a lawsuit filed on Monday (lawsuit posted below). Continue reading

Please Watch This 40-second Video About UberCab, Aka Uber From 2010

Meet your new favorite superhero. 

This isn’t your next Marvel feature film, but man, this is a good movie, I mean, ad. Here we have UberMan, and he wants to “save San Francisco from the incredible distractive and inconvenient transportation system. Continue reading

It’s Time For You To Be Unlimited

What’s holding you back from achieving everything you wish for? You.

Taking that first step towards your goals may be the hardest thing you’ll ever do, but it’s a step you’ll thank yourself for in the long term. By taking even one step towards your goal you’ll be closer than you were before, and by constantly moving towards it you’ll relish the thought of being closer than yesterday. Continue reading

Nintendo’s Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Prototype Gets A Fan Remake

A developer, who goes by the named WinterDrake, has released Breath of the NES for free on the game-distribution platform. This is a remake of a prototype that Nintendo showed off during a presentation at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference. Continue reading

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