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Soon Youll Be Able To Experience What It Feels To Be An Alien Neomorph

Ever wanted to know how it feels to be born into the world as a creature from ‘Alien’? On April 26, you’ll be able to — if you own an Oculus VR setup. 

Besides setting the date for the virtual reality experience, called Alien: Covenant In Utero, 20th Century Fox has posted a teaser trailer that shows next to nothing but still somehow manages to be terrifying. 

According to Fox, this will be a “a 360-degree virtual reality journey into a living nightmare and offers a terrifyingly close and personal encounter as an alien neomorph at the time of its birth. Continue reading

5 Ways Chatbots Are Maturing In 2017

In 2016, this interface was mainly confined to basic user experience elements and somewhat cumbersome conversation, while 2017 is quickly becoming the year platforms enable bot designers to build richer interfaces. Bots in 2017 can be more effective, more engaging, and easier to use.

At the end of the day we want AI and conversational interfaces to expose services. Continue reading

Chance The Rapper Kicked Off His Tour By Covering Kanye Wests Waves

Chance the Rapper kicked off his first arena tour Monday night, and when you do things that big, you gotta bring out the hits.

While the Chicago native has bangers of his own, Chance has an impressive resumé working with some famous faces. He’s worked on a few standout tracks—namely a few Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo songs that he whipped out for his first show on the “Be Encouraged” tour in San Diego. Continue reading

Seagull With Stolen Dentures Has Some Very Serious Explaining To Do

Seagulls are commonly known for their thievery of beach and boardwalk snacks.

Occasionally, though, they’ll get their beaks on other miscellaneous items. On Friday, a seagull in Newton Abbot, England, was photographed with something quite surprising in its beak. Continue reading

Channing Tatum Reports For Duty In The First Kingsman: The Golden Circle Trailer

Kingsman: The Secret Service may have been inspired that most British of properties—James Bond—but the follow-up brings them across the pond to America.

The first Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer introduces Statesman, Kingsman’s U.S. Continue reading

Star Trek: Bridge Crew Makes Zapping Klingons In VR A Hoot

In a four-player preview of a couple of missions, I had a hoot playing with my fellow game journalists during a preview event at Ubisoft in San Francisco. This game is built in a way that makes it easy for you to immerse yourself in the role of being a Star Trek bridge crew member. You’ll have no problem as captain shouting orders at engineering, even if the person is a total stranger. Continue reading

How ViperChill Founder Dave Cunningham Generated $1.4M In 2015

You’ve probably noticed over the years that I’m not a big fan of talking about my own finances. I have close friends and family who read this blog and as they don’t share their current wealth with me (I don’t really want to know), I would rather not share mine with them. However, I do know that those who are struggling to succeed online get a lot of motivation from the success stories of others, so I’m excited to share one with you today. Continue reading

Very Hungry Caterpillars Could Be The Answer To The Earths Massive Plastic Bag Problem

A Spanish biologist and amateur beekeeper may have discovered a way to deal with some of the trillion plastic bags humans use and toss annually — and the answer lies in the humble caterpillar.

Or, more specifically, the Galleria mellonella, or wax moth.

Federica Bertocchini, from Spain’s Institute of Biomedicine & Biotechnology of Cantabria, was actually working away at her side hustle—beekeeping—when she made the discovery that could make a huge dent in Earth’s plastic problem. Continue reading

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