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Motivational Classics

Acres of Diamonds, by Russell Conwell The Kingship of Self-Control, by William George Jordan As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen MOTIVATIONAL CLASSICS contains a collection of three outstanding works that have been selected for the relevant principles and timeless impact they set forth. Acres of Diamonds has a powerfully simple message which has helped millions of people recognize their potential for success. One of the most dynamic motivators of all time, Temple University founder Russell Conwell, promises if you will respond genuinely to the needs of humanity, you can find self-fulfillment “in your own backyard.” The Kingship of Self-Control by William George Jordan is a book that will lead you expertly along the road of personal triumph by pointing the way to ultimate growth and happiness through self-discipline.

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21 Facts About 2017 That’ll Make You Feel Old

From Harry Potter to Kylie Jenner.

Firstly and most importantly, tbh, HARRY GODDAMN POTTER turns 20 this year, which means that 26 June should probably become some sort of national holiday.


Tim Sloan / AFP / Getty Images

It also means that Kylie Jenners never lived in a world without Harry Potter. She was born on 10 Aug 1997.


Ari Perilstein / Getty Images

In TV news, South Park will celebrate its 20th anniversary in August this year…


Comedy Central

And on 10 March, itll have been 20 years since Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered on The WB.


The ’90s was so long ago and Im ancient.

The WB

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Facebook Is Trying To Smooth Over Relationships With The Media


Brad Barket / Getty Images

Facebook’s new head of news partnerships, Campbell Brown, is seeking to mend the company’s relationship with the media through a series of off-the-record get-togethers at her Tribeca home.

Over food and drinks on Jan. 24, Brown hosted a roundtable of top editors and executives at prominent US news outlets, including the New Yorker’s David Remnick, the New York Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin, Vox’s Melissa Bell, and USA Today’s Joanne Lipman.

At the meeting, Brown and Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox defended the company’s handling of the “fake news” phenomenon and discussed Facebooks huge clout in the media industry, according to Remnick and others familiar with the meeting.

“They are this enormous player in the news business, and they dont yet know how to think about their own role and near hegemony,” Remnick said. He said Cox did most of the talking, while “Campbell had clearly done the inviting.”

Bell and Sorkin declined to comment. Lipman did not return requests for comment. Remnick said he wasnt aware the event was off the record.

A Facebook spokesperson said in an emailed statement: “Since joining Facebook a month ago, Campbell has been reaching out to publishers, reporters, and editors from all kinds of publications. She and her team are continuing to hold one-on-ones, roundtables, and small group meetings both in the U.S. and abroad. As we build the Facebook Journalism Project, it is important to step up our partnerships with news organizations and keep open lines of communication both ways.”

BuzzFeed News’ head of US news, Shani Hilton, who was also present, declined to comment. BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith was invited but didn’t attend, according to a person familiar with the matter. Smith declined to comment.

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, Facebook has faced considerable backlash over its inability to stop the spread of misinformation on its platform. While Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg initially downplayed the notion that widespread fake political news stories could have swayed voters, the company eventually instituted a handful of measures to stem “fake news” and hired Brown — a former CNN host and controversial education activist — to rebuild trust with the media.

“Clearly Facebook feels some combination of responsibility, confusion, and determination to do something about it,” Remnick said. “It was receptive and encouraging. We’ll see what comes of it.”

Facebook has long had a tense relationship with the press, but over the past few years, as outlets have become increasingly reliant on the company to drive a huge number of people to their content, that relationship has become more acrimonious.

Now a series of mishaps like the “fake news” saga and reports last year that the company’s trending news team suppressed stories from conservative news sites has pushed Facebook to confront its fraught role in the news industry. And Brown’s hiring and the subsequent meetings demonstrate the company is trying to pacify top editors at outlets who work with, and have aggressively covered, the company.

One attendee said the room also discussed Facebooks plans for helping publishers begin to draw in significant advertising revenue from the videos they are producing for the platform.

Brown’s public relations campaign is just getting started. She will host another set of media types at her home next week, according to two people familiar with the matter.

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CloudBleed: If You Reset Your Passwords?


Short answer – yes, these.


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