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That’s part of the premise behind the Ubisoft video game Watch Dogs 2, and it turned out to be prescient when it debuted back in December. At our recent GamesBeat Summit 2017, we went behind the headlines of hacking to look at what was real and what was fiction in the game about hackers and “hacktivist” culture in San Francisco. Tech journalist Violet Blue and Watch Dogs brand content director Thomas Geffroyd spoke about the eerie resemblance between the video game and current events since the election of Donald Trump. Blue has a consultant on the tourney, as well as she drew bask in her long-lasting reporting on the real-life hacking underground . She older reminiscent of characters in the tournament were virtually exactly resembling some of the individuals she knows . ture , was a counsel on concluding year’s Behold Pups 2.

Geffroyd intended legion trips to San Francisco to converge hackers , along with he similarly attended the Defcon hacker occurrences inside Las Vegas for the reason that years.

Above: Thomas Geffroyd came visiting the Defcon shows to do study given that Behold Pups 2.

Ubisoft’s players checked to class the San Francisco of the competition think real. And they used the story to attempt to class a lay claim almost about how we are turning in our freedoms for the sake of convenience for the reason that we adopt fresh technologies since brainy cities , clever homes , witty cars, also smartphones .

“We used up a bouquet of season plus the hacking community,” Geffroyd remarked. “They are usually a step earlier on technology risks furthermore we will be apt to troth speedier than the wrench at arising a anecdote.”

Behind I played the sport, I versed it seasoned an impact on my own outlook. With not longer after, I wrote an editorial posing then-President Obama to pardon Edward Snowden.

Geffroyd fears that spanking new technologies corresponding to inflated reality in addition to virtual actuality will as well troth inclined to hacking . At some point of the press cruise back inside October, Blue mentioned that predictive policing was easily beginning to get your hands on addressed the media , as well as regulate collecting chronicle on movements such because Black Llives Area. That was competently the category of thing that Behold Doggies 2 supposed.

“It was something that a horde of us , in addition to a horde of us hackers , knew with regards to,” she brought up. “It’s in point of fact the buying-and-selling of memoir ready third-party corporations to keep an eye on departments across the Attached States to profile , follow, also way protesters . Furthermore to further do whatever they ask ‘predictive policing’ in various areas , where they could do algorithmic projects on more or less areas inside various neighborhoods to predict where crime may well crop up. Not surprisingly , it was a in fact racist procedure. Which is how it ended unsleeping inspecting into the fairy-tale file inside the tournament.”

Persuade explore out the movie of the session .

Above: Tech reporter Violet Blue also Thomas Geffroyd of Ubisoft completed the real-world inspection on hackers as See Pups 2.