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Watch What Happens When Overwatch Meets VR’s Job Simulator

VR developer Zi Ye, who is working on Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty game at the Owlchemy Games studio, has remixed the VR employment puzzler Job Simulator with Blizzard’s team-based shooter Overwatch. The result is a virtual office version where you use tools from your digital desk to fight off waves of robots dressed like the Western gunslinger McCree and other Overwatch heroes. . . Continue reading

If Twitter GIFs Get Longer, Know That Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Behind It

Lin-Manuel Miranda will be a lot of things: Composer, actor, West Wing fan, almost-EGOT, and prolific Twitter user. 

That reality caused it to be all the more endearing once the Broadway celebrity and his favourite internet site had only a little chat Monday evening, chewing the fat about GIFs after an especially amazing certainly one of Miranda doing his signature hand motion popped up.

Miranda devotee Casey Maher posted a supercut GIF associated with guy himself throwing down sneaky hand bops at every possibility. Continue reading

Governments Come In The Business Enterprise Of Doxing People Now, Therefore Thats Great

The message is barely subtle: Write one thing we do not like and we’ll dox you.

The Australian federal government’s welfare agency circulated an author’s personal statistics after she penned a critical article about its business collection agencies. Does that look like a petty, terrible precedent? Well, yes. Continue reading

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SoundCloud Revamps Its Subscription Provider With Economical $4.99 Option

Hi!you might be planning to trigger our Facebook Messenger news bot. As soon as subscribed, the bot will be sending you a digest of trending stories daily. You are able to customize the kinds of stories it supplies you with. Continue reading

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The Cast Of Moonlight Front New Calvin Klein Underwear Campaign

Thereis no stopping the cast of Moonlight.

Fresh through utter sh*tstorm which was the Oscars, Academy Award-winning Mahershala Ali and his other co-stars Alex Hibbert, Ashton Sanders, and Trevante Rhodes are fronting a captivating underwear campaign for Calvin Klein.

Shot by Willy Vanderperre, the campaign is some grayscale photographs which are a mix of fashion shots and close-up portraits associated with the actors. Continue reading

Court Purchase Could Hamper Twitter VR Plans

Last Thursday, game publisher ZeniMax Media asked a Dallas federal judge to issue a purchase barring Twitter device Oculus from making use of or distributing the disputed rule, an element of the computer software development kit that Oculus provides to outside organizations creating games because of its Rift VR headset.

A decision is likely a couple of months away, but intellectual home attorneys said ZeniMax has a good possibility of having the purchase, which would suggest Facebook faces a difficult choice between having to pay a possibly hefty settlement or fighting on prone to jeopardizing its position into the sector.

For the time being, Twitter is fighting on. Continue reading

YouTube Just Hit A Huge Milestone

YouTube views are not slowing down anytime soon.

The Bing movie platform said Monday that individuals throughout the world are actually watching an impressive 1 billion hours of YouTube’s content each day.

The milestone “represents the enjoyment regarding the fantastically diverse videos that imaginative individuals make each day,” Cristos Goodrow, VP of engineering at YouTube, wrote in an article Monday. Continue reading

ISRO Will Now Try To Find Brand New Bodies Of Water In Indias Silicon Valley

The Indian area Research organization (ISRO) recently set a world record by releasing 104 satellites at one go, however their next endeavor is supposed to be discovering new lakes in Asia’s Silicon Valley, in accordance with reports.  

Bangalore is believed to have had over 1,000 lakes once upon a time. But ecological air pollution and metropolitan development has paid off that quantity by half. Continue reading

Uber’s SVP Amit Singhal Departs Company Because He Didn’t Disclose A Sexual Harassment Allegation At Google

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Totango Launches Zoe, A Customer Management Slack Bot For Teams

The bot can answer questions about important customer metrics, like usage and adoption rates, payments made, subscriptions, activity likely to take place in the future, and so on.

Zoe also helps facilitate what Totango calls “impact steps,” a workflow that encourages departments within a company to organize their own initiatives to address customer success.

“The product is not just a bot and the conversation, it’s also this concept that once I have information about customers and I foster collaboration and participation, we can also organize work around customers to make a meaningful impact,” CEO Guy Nirpaz told VentureBeat in a phone interview. Continue reading

How AI-enabled Devices Will Affect Businesses In 2017

Her name is Alexa, and along with her acquaintances (perhaps frenemies?) Cortana and Siri, she’s about to become as much a part of the daily life of American households as Alfred the butler is at Wayne Manor. Except that Alfred, for all his talents, can’t tell Batman exactly what time the cable repairman will arrive this afternoon, or the current balance in his bank account (not that billionaire Bruce Wayne would care).

The implications of 2017, the year virtual assistants really arrived, will be immense for business. Continue reading

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