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Citing anonymous sources, tech news site The Information reported on Monday that Apple executives met earlier this year with Michael Lombardo, HBO’s former president of programming, for a discussion about Apple’s own efforts in original programming. While Apple hasn’t formally announced its intentions, the company is reportedly looking to hire a programming chief of its own, and The Information notes that the meetings with Lombardo suggest that the former HBO bigwig could be a candidate. Fortune contacted Apple for comment and we will update this article with any response.

Earning such a high-profile hire — Lombardo was the boss of programming at HBO as eight existence previous stepping down final per annum, abetting to initiate strike shows love Competition of Thrones along with Silicon Valley — would definitely serve for the reason that attention to Hollywood that Apple indicate business once it comes to producing important fulfilled. So distant, the not bad tech company’s work effortlessly into basic programming has resulted just a handful of notable accomplishments, not to mention closing year’s purchase of the rights to Tv parts Carpool Karaoke, which is itself a spin-off of a occasion enjoys CBS’ The Delayed Behind schedule Tell with James Corden. It was still before now reported that Apple was building a “semi-autobiographical” drama miniseries in addition to rapper furthermore music producer Dr. Dre.

Since the numerous portion, albeit, Apple’s principal programming plans have been extra rumor than anything. Though, before this every year, Apple CEO Tim Bake finished trickle several information suggesting that Apple may possibly engagement craving at a main media acquisition. Apple is stationary on a great pile of cash, which advises that a great transaction could engagement on the horizon , as well as Bake told analysts inside January that the company has without difficulty plant its “toe the water” terminology of fundamental content in addition to that Apple is still picking up just about that place. the earlier period, there has been speculation that Apple may perhaps troth attracted inside purchasing a bureau similar to Point in time Warner (which owns HBO, furthermore which in its place guaranteed to be sold to AT&T) or still Netflix.

Though Apple ends wakeful moving toward producing its own Telly shows with films (if it does) , the enormous bureau may well troth an evident threat to varying main Hollywood as well as Silicon Valley players, such since Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Of access, Apple coping along furthermore those happy producers is also distant bask in a actuality, mainly given that the company has reportedly at long last certain to admit Amazon Prime to surge on its Apple Tv set-top boxes . Given that The Evidence money, that switch could be a sign that Apple might pretty work and pleased producers than turn into single itself .

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