That’s one way to say, “thanks for letting me pee here.”

Amy Schumer was jogging in Chicago recently when she had a bathroom emergency. Thankfully, Sagine Lazarre, an employee at the Six Corners Mattress Firm, graciously let the comedienne use the bathroom since she was in dire need of one.

 Lazarre notified Chicago’s WGN News broadcast final week that Schumer, “comes out of the bathroom in addition to asks me which single of these (mattresses) is my number one. I enlightened her … She counseled me she sought to pay money for it for me .  And I was was therefore taken aback!”

The employee essentially older no information that the bighearted woman was Schumer pending the actress remitted since the souvenir as well as she had “Amy Schumer” on the credit card .

The Snatched actress’ act of kindness got here at the excellent time for the reason that Lazarre in addition to her female child certainly moved to a different cell.

Hey, Amy, you may well use our bathrooms any period!

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