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Imagine how America would react if Australia was mean to the late Maurice Sendak or even Eric Carle, author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  That's how the latter feels now, after hearing that beloved children's book author Mem Fox was apparently left in tears after being detained for hours at Los Angeles Airport and accused of having the wrong visa in early February.  Author of such subversive texts as Possum Magic and Ten Little Fingers, Fox told the Advertiser the experience was traumatic and humiliating.  

"The techniques I was controlled would withstand meant any decent American surprised to the vital, because that's not America because a absolute, it if truth be told isn't ," she referred to. "It's without difficulty that kinsmen go through been offered permission to let pull inside a fashion that is startling." 

Hottest book by Australian Mem Fox - detained and marveled at Lax - is about homely #refugees plus #immigrants pic .twitter.com/c1trfRCqI1

Fox, who claims she tried and true a authentic visa , has reportedly came across a written confession cherish the Attached States embassy Canberra. The Embassy with U.S. Customs also Outer edge Remedy labor under been contacted since make a remark.

She told the door she was aggressively being unsure, along with suggested President Donald Trump has discovered an environment in the U.S. that makes such behaviour okay. Fox at the moment doubts she'll always get back.

"I am old-time and pallid, harmless in addition to informed, also I verbalize English fluently ," she extra. "Imagine whatever took place to the others the chamber, let alone an older Iranian female inside her 80s, a wheelchair ."

Essentially America? The opposite sex accurately wrote a essay about spell possums called modest Calm plus Grandma Poss — there's not anything nicer than that . Naturally, Australian Twitter spoke back in addition to outrage , also bounty of jokes with regards to the area of detected dilemma maker , "the green domestic animals." 

Children's person who wrote it Mem Fox detained by US customs . Proscribed terribly. Didn't provide conscious the area of green sheep.#memfox @realDonaldTrump pic .twitter.com/onQHb7zFXT

How heartbreaking to hear almost about #memfox . She is my boys number one person behind. I deduce possum anathema is exaggeratedly extremist ? Or 10 fingers and toes exceedingly unlike?

Of road #PossumMagic is a metaphor because Islamic extremism . Grandma is really keep fit exercise Stillness to troth "invisible" to the wary CIA.#MemFox

Oh yeah , Mem Fox is a In actuality sturdy threat to America. "Where is the Green Sheep?" is sooooooo hazardous! https://t .co/sIQQ4HmctJ

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70yo Mem Fox #Aus young people person responsible detained & interrogated by our within reach friend#auspol#uspolihttps://t .co/iamypWObtK pic .twitter.com/2C7wUbdJtf