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Gerald here,

Just another quick update from me today.

A while ago I joined Udemy the training course provider.
I decided to create a training course I could present on Udemy.
Well I went ahead and created a 10 video training course and
last Friday I had my first training course approved.

I must admit it had to be reviewed by Udemy quality team
and it failed a few times…
Allegedly with noises on the sound track of the videos,
would you believe, no not my voice 🙂 they kept saying
there was a hissing noise!
I eventally resolved it, and boom it went live.

It’s called “Your Entrepreneurial Mindset”

Checking this morning it has 223 students enrolled and one
5 star review.

I don’t know if this would be your cup of tea,
but just in case I thought I would let you know.
It is only $20 (£15)

Take a peep!


I hope you find this useful.

Have a great weekend.

Speak soon.


The Lead Magnet Man

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