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As we know, the internet loves hot people. And the latest hot person to capture its attention is South Korean president Moon Jae-in's new bodyguard. To be fair, he is very handsome. Yet, for the reason that he is a bodyguard , he is not at all photographed happy, which makes him seem puzzling. Peaceful!

Anyway, the Infobahn is addicted. Several kinsfolk experience yet gotten a head initiate on their fanfic , which is frankly suitable. The heart wants whatever the mind needs!

alibi me this is the greenhorn korean president's bodyguard pic .twitter.com/aIJVhZjo28

@elena_yip he gives the impression admire the square-jawed staid romantic steer, who's surging to be his plucky heroine who inadvertently captures his sensitivity...

@elena_yip My body calls for guarding .

@elena_yip Do not make a sexist note, do not product a sexist remark...he "looks" precisely seasoned. pic .twitter.com/BtNcHFw87f

@elena_yip pic .twitter.com/kHNVi7nku7

Here's the terrible news broadcast, though: according to the Different York Job, the safety source is gladly marital as well as two daughters . Enhanced providence after phase, Infobahn.