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Resistbot, which debuts this week on 5 bots to try, can route text messages to your U.S. Senators. To first-class to be specific? The agency says “We’e verified that Resistbot messages are arrived at along with read by true Congressional staffers .” U.S. Representatives are next!

Here are the five numerous famous bots this times of yore week , since they show on Botlist . Give one another a try out as well as grant us fathom anything you assume.

5. MojiHunt

Ruin emojis , feed pandas , eradicate extraterrestrial beings, eat mushrooms , open confidential doors .

4. MovieBot

Hey, picture lovers ! Resembling viewing movies the theaters ? MovieBot may well commend a pleasant motion picture to observe.

3. Rock Paper Scissors

Play around Rock-Paper-Scissors competition along furthermore a bot on Facebook Messenger.


SXSW plus Eventbase withstand partnered to transport SXSW Registrants an AI chatbot to serve for the reason that a concierge to the March episode to support you navigate ready the SXSW Conference & Festivals with ease. Abby, the SXSW Bot, delivers a easygoing, enjoyment conversational-style user know-how to psychoanalysis Attendees navigate SXSW, observe out what’s coming about, also capture sensible ways out to FAQs.

SXSW GO is the exact podium for the reason that Abby given that movable winds unsleeping individual the elemental gizmo of our technically discerning attendees . Because our attendees are navigating SXSW, their main digital understanding is completed the SXSW Go portable app . Abby has a prime address in the app , forever there prepared to help.

Abby uses Organic Terms Processing to deliver commendable resolutions to the registrant questions, leaving users to dig up fast resolutions a frequent messaging interface . Combined with personalized conversation, Abby is able to present a extra meaningful labor under since Attendees at some point of the episode.

1. Resistbot

Resistbot will seek advice from for your remark along with facts to detect your elected officials . Your representatives will grasp you’re a constituent—that’s who matters to them.

Merely work resist to 50409 to find started. It eliminates less than 5 minutes to tolerate your flue heard Congress.

How does it work? Resistbot turns your text messages into daily letters to Congress— in the simplest plus easiest way possible. We are operating rigid at the rear of the scenes to product confident they are delivered and that your representatives seize one another tyrannically.

Will my example in reality count ? Yes! There’s a bouquet of facts floating regarding phrasing that solitary more ways of speaking up genuinely count . We’ve tried that Resistbot messages are found and leaf through by bona fide Congressional staffers .

Reputation of the zenith 5 bots on Botlist is based on information superhighway trade to individual bots’ pages appearing on the web content. This week’s rankings were since the decades March 13 – 19, 2017.