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Forget ‘user-friendly’ Bots And Focus On Advanced Usefulness

The path for the bot revolution has been laid by four converging trends. It started with app fatigue, as consumers recognized that while there may be an “app for everything,” there are really only three or four we use on a daily basis. Then one form of application that picked up enormous traction is messaging, so every utility imaginable has been adding messaging components just to get a share of people’s attention. Continue reading

This Egg Inside Another Egg Is A Perfect YouTube Specimen

Which came first: the chicken, the egg or the second egg?

Okay, we don’t know, but we do know this: amid all the late-night clips and VEVO spam, there occasionally emerges a popular YouTube video that is just weird and cool.

Behold: the stunning 2017 film “Egg Inside an Egg.”

The clip goes pretty much how you’d expect. Continue reading


LG G6 Will Have Dual 13-megapixel Cameras On The Back

LG is feeding us a steady diet of leaks and specs for its upcoming G6 flagship, scheduled to launch Feb. 26, a day ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 

The company already told us about the phone’s elongated screen and UI, and now, in a blog post on the company’s Korean site, we’ve learned that the G6 will have dual, 13-megapixel rear cameras. Continue reading

Amazon Promises 15,000 Brand New Full-time Jobs In Europe Amid Regulatory Scrutiny

In a press release, the business stated that in 2016 it included 10,000 full-time jobs in European countries, bringing its total work base right here to 50,000. In 2017, the business stated it is including another 15,000 full-time jobs.

“We continue steadily to invest heavily across Europe in fulfillment, customer care, cloud technology, research and development, device learning, higher level logistics, and many other things,” stated Xavier Garambois, vice president of Amazon EU Retail in a statement. Continue reading

The Influence Of Voice-activated Virtual Assistants On Retail

At exactly what point does “Siri, tell me the sun and rain” or “Alexa, play music” become “I’ll have actually a cheeseburger and fries” or “What aisle could I obtain the peanut butter on?” or “Does this shirt can be found in small”?

Even as we move not even close to assistants whom perform easy automatic tasks, 2017 has the possible to make sound assistant technology into an electronic customer support functionality. The convergence of chatbots and virtual sound assistants gets the possible to fully change the retail experience.

Regularly, we’ve heard rumors about fast service retail (or QSR) changing humans with touchscreen display pills. Continue reading

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